Tri Colour LED Lights

What is a Tri Colour LED Light?

Tri Colour LED lights take the guesswork out of choosing the right colour temperature at the time of purchase. Instead, you can now just buy the light fitting you need and make the colour temperature selection at the time of installation.

Tri Colour lights are also referred to by some manufacturers as:

  • 3CCT - As in three Correlated Colour Temperatures (CCT).
  • SCCT - As in Selectable Colour Temperature.
  • Colour Changing - Not to be confused with RGB full-colour spectrum lights.
  • Tri-Colour Switch, Three Colour Options, etc.

Tri Colour LED Lights

This is an example of a tricolour switch on the side of a light fitting, and the resulting colour temperature options.

    Tri Colour LED Downlights

    The Tri Colour LED craze all started with LED downlights. Before tri colour LED downlights, electricians had to carry around multiple variants of each downlight. And customers had to trust in their electricians colour temperature choice or explanation. The result was too many costly change-overs and unhappy customers.

    The solution? The tri colour downlight was born. They suit electricians, as there is now far less stock to carry around. And they're great for end-customers - who can now make a better-informed colour temperature choice.

    Dual Wattage LED Lights

    We have also included in this collection some dual power LED lights. The dual power switch allows you to halve the power consumption of the fitting. These are also referred to as:

    • Dual Wattage.
    • SWT - Philips shorthand for the two-way power switch.

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