This page is for existing customers - see our product advice page for new orders.

If a product isn't working as expected, please review the following information. It will help verify the nature of the fault, inform your next steps, and streamline any warranty claim if required.

Rest assured, we back all our products with a minimum two-year warranty.

Step 1) Complete This Support Checklist

First up, you should complete the following basic checks. If a question does not apply to your product, move on to the next question:

1) Does it use a standard power plug?

Re-test the appliance or light fitting in a different power point.

2) Is it a light bulb or a light fitting?

  • Bulbs & Globes - check it in another light fitting.
  • Flickering - review our article on flickering LED lights.
  • Dimmer / Controller - test the same set-up with more lights, or try the lights in a non-dimmable circuit. This may help determine if the issue is caused by: the light, the number of lights, or the dimmer / controller.

3) Does it use a sensor of any type?

If possible, try the device in a different location. This can help determine whether localised environmental factors are at play, or not. If other settings are available - try adjusting those and review the results.

4) Does it use Wifi or Bluetooth?

Try using a different device or network to help pinpoint where an issue is occurring. Such as another family member's phone or a tablet instead of your phone. Or use a phone's wifi hotspot instead of your usual wifi network.

5) Does it have a battery?

If applicable, remove and re-insert the battery. If the batteries are non-rechargeable and may be depleted - try a fresh set. If the batteries are rechargeable - try charging the device with a different charger or cable.

If the device is solar-powered, leave it in direct sunlight for a day or two before using it.

6) Does it have a reset button or process?

If so - try this process and observe the results. Examples include our thermal cameras or energy monitors, which have reset procedures outlined within their software or user manuals.

7) Does it have a remote control?

If a ceiling fan remote is not working, follow the 'code learning mode' instructions in the manual to re-pair the transmitter and receiver.

8) Does it have a manual or installation guide?

Check the product packaging, or the 'specifications' table on the relevant product page. We link to useful documents under 'Further Details.'

Step 2) Review This Brand-Specific Information

After completing the above checks, please note the following brand-specific advice that may also apply to you:

Billyboil - Review our instruction manual and thermal cooker recipe guide.

Efergy - Review our Engage Hub and Efergy Transmitter tips - which includes a reset process for the Efergy Elite. If your product is outside of warranty or not in our current range, please contact Efergy for help.

EGLO - EGLO fans are backed by a 3 year in-home warranty. If you encounter an issue, please lodge a 'Warranty Claim Form' online here for assistance.

FLIR - Please note down the serial number of your camera when contacting us. If your device is older than two years, please contact FLIR for service options.

Powerpal - Review the support site and contact Powerpal if your device has failed within the first two years of operation (they can transfer your old data onto a new device).

Powersensor - Review the support site and contact Powersensor if you require assistance. As they operate the software, Powersensor can typically offer more detailed guidance and tailored advice for your situation than we can.

Philips Hue - Refer to our Philips Hue support article and the Philips Hue support website.

Vornado - Please take a photo of the silver compliance label on the product and include this when you contact us.

Step 3) Contact Us For Assistance

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

If you have checked through steps 1 and 2 above and still have an issue, please contact us using this form. Be sure to mention any tests you have already completed - this way we can deal with your problem as quickly as possible.

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