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Powersensor a Usefull Tool

The Power Sensor system is very easy to install from the practical perspective as well as the app setup perspective. The App setup performed exactly as detailed in the instructions. The App detail screens give me a clear understanding, current and historic, of how our home electrical system is performing along with our net import and export to the grid. I recommend this product.

Vornado pedestal with Remote.

I'm loving my beautiful white pedestal fan. I was gifted the small Vornado 533 a few years ago, as I live in a tiny house it was perfect. Having a horrible summer here in Qld. I decided I needed a pedestal with remote for night comfort...again it's perfect. I believe it's helped Immensely keeping dampness and mould at bay with our over the top relentless rain & humidity. I can't recommend this fan highly enough.

quiet and easy to install

A quality fan that looks good, it’s easy to operate, and also easy to install. What more could you want?

beats air-conditioner hands down

I have had a desk top Vornado in my Office space for years but was never happy with the non-specific cooling from my eco-unfriendly air conditioner in the living/lounge room area. My newly-purchased larger standing Pedestal Vornado fan has been perfect in providing me with with a well-directed gentle breeze, near sound-proof, from the instant it is turned on, and even at room temperatures around 30 deg Celsius… all without feeling the need to turn on the noisy, slow to function, non-specific and far-more-expensive to run Air-con.

Driveway light installation

Been installed for month so far, surprised with the light coverage even at not full light level, using motion operation setting. Will look to install additional unit at a later date if this proves successful.

I’m a fan .. if these great ceiling fans

Very modern, very effective, love the lighting options and how well they sit on the ceiling. I bought 3

Love it - first class for yoghurt making, directly in the pot. Veg stew, roo ragut, no fuss, no burnt bottom, minimal power used, easy clean up. Very happy.

Excellent Product and quick delivery

I recently purchased these fans and I must say, they are exactly as advertised. They look fantastic and are incredibly quiet, making them perfect for any room in the house. The downlight is also very bright, which is great for when you need a little extra light. One of the best features of these fans is the ability to dim the lights, which creates a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend these fans to anyone in need of a stylish and functional addition to their home.

EGLO Surf Black DC Ceiling Fan

Easy ordering, very fast delivery, excellent good quality fan that’s looks great.

Led lighting

We purchased 3 6w led bulbs for over the kitchen bench. As it turned out 4w bulbs would have been better. We are only using 2 of the bulbs and leaving the centre light without a bulb.

Quick turnaround time from order placement, no issues!

We were really happy how quick the item was shipped at no cost! As we have used the Vornado a few times now, can say that it’s good and hope not too find any prob soon or in the future. Also, it’s energy efficient as we have turned it on the whole night and not much was added to our meter reading. Works well in circulating air when positioned facing the wall. (About to test this coming summer) Thank you, RR!

EGLO Angled Ceiling Canopy White
Customer: Stephanie L
Wow, what an Amazing fan!!!

A high performance fan that looks good too! It was a bit fiddly for the sparky to install but well worth the effort. It makes a big difference in cooling as well as assisting our heating on colder days. Would highly recommend!!!

Ceiling fan.

Excellent ceiling fan. I love it. The quiet movement of the blades is what I needed the most. Its desig was also an important factor for buying this particular fan.


Very happy with the product.
Boxed well for transit and storage.
No Flicker and Bright.
Value for Money

Quick delivery

Impressed how quickly they arrived. Well packed. Quality seems very good after having many dimmable lights which were expensive and failed too quickly. Fingers crossed these last.

Great product. Warmly recommended

Product was received very quick and packed with care. The product was very easy to install. I’m not a sparky, just a normal person. To install it I just needed to plug it in. There are three light options to choose from. I selected natural light and I was surprised on how bright they are. I thought that as an energy efficient light it will not be as bright, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the light is even brighter than previously installed normal bulbs.
I definitely recommend this product.

Billyboil is very good for camping!

Billyboil has been so very useful in my mini campervan, as it takes minimal gas to bring a meal to the boil for a while. I then seal it up and enjoy the day! Late afternoon I undo it and have some of the delicious stew, and more at supper time. One of the good things about it is that the inner pot is very easy to clean if I wipe it out first and then wash it. The 3 ltr size does two adults a big meal, and to make a meal go further and be more warming I can add rice. The best thing I have bought for a long time. It is also good for taking food to my daughters house for lunch rather than buying junk food.

Only place I found some SBC / B15 golf ball lamps

Lights look good and work well

Heat mat/ seedling starter/ foot cooker

Awesome… bought a second one. Ideally it would have a dimmer to turn down the heat… so I have plugged it into an external dimmer switch (pictured). I now use the split system in the morning to take off the chill and then just the heat mat for the rest of the day… #savings

Great fans!

I initially bought 2 to see their quality & they were great. I have since bought 3 more, 2 without lights. The lights are slimmer than other fans & look great!

Good value for money

Bought Phillips LED 7.5W (90mm) to replace oyster lights. Installed by electrician. Happy with product.

Securing the Lightning connection.

The camera works well. I made a colorbond steel frame to support the connection between the iPod and the Flir attachment.

Pleasing results

Tried porridge and Mediterranean Chicken dishes so far. Both turned out quite well.

Ledvance Linkable LED Batten

Top quality LEDs
Good for my detailing studio
Quick postage
Will be ordering more in the coming weeks

Bringing lots of joy to our kitchen

I'm happy to review this product! We can now use less energy and save money on gas. Also we can cook on the fire (rocket stove and indoor wood stove) with much more ease because we can cook for a short time while the fire is hot and then pack the Billy boil away and let it finish cooking by itself, long after the fire has cooled down. + the meal is hot and ready to serve when we are ready to eat. If we aren't cooking anything we can just heat water on the fire and put it away to use the next day for dish-washing or cooking! (it was about 70 degrees C after 10-11 hours) It is well built with little design details that make it easy to use like the handle that stays up away from the heat while cooking and then folds away snugly later. Also the pots are narrow and tall making it easy to fit two at the same time on our small wood stove. Risotto worked well and I only had to bring it to boil, and then pack away, veggies still have their texture and have flavor all the way through. Stewed fruit was delicious, each piece of fruit still has it's shape unlike when boiled on the stove and spices and flavor all the way through the fruit. Yum. We'll be using this for years to come. Thanks