Power-Mate Lite 10 Amp Power Meter

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The Power-Mate Lite offers full power, cost, and greenhouse gas metering with outstanding accuracy.

    Power-Mate Lite (10 Amp)

    The Power-Mate Lite provides instantaneous and cumulative measures of power consumption, running costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it projects these values going forward per hour, per week, per quarter and per year.

    A simple menu allows the user to enter their own energy cost and greenhouse gas values (these will vary by location and power supplier). The Power-Mate Lite also provides technical measures such as supply voltage, current, power, VA and power factor.

    Why choose the Power Mate Lite over other Power Meters?

    As you may have noticed, we also sell a lower-cost power consumption meter. While that meter is suitable for many applications, there are several reasons why you may prefer the Power Mate Lite. These include:

    • Higher accuracy readings - more decimal points on some readings like kWh and Amps.
    • Easier to read - backlit screen and 'piggyback' style plug and lead which allows you to hold the display in your hand when the plug is at floor level.
    • Projected readings - the Power Mate Lite projects its readings out over a year so you can get a quick idea on annual running cost of an appliance, without having to to the maths yourself.

    As professional energy auditors we have been using the Power Mate Lite regularly for many years. It's a reliable, high accuracy tool for the frequent user, or those who like to have the highest accuracy readings.

    Power-Mate Lite Technical specifications

    Electricity Rate Set in cents/kWh to 3 decimal places
    Greenhouse Gas Set in kg/kWh to 3 decimal places
    - Inbuilt timer shows the total recorded time since last reset (up to 99 days).
    - Alternatively, a countdown timer can be used to log data for a set period (1, 8, 12, or 24 hours; 2, 5, 7, 14, or 28 days).
    Cost $0.000001 – $999999
    Energy 0.0001 – 99999 kWh
    Greenhouse Gas 0.00001 – 99999 kg
    Volts 170.0 – 270.0 V (RMS) 
    Amps 0.000 – 10.00 A (RMS) 
    Power 0.00 – 2,400.0 W
    Apparent Power 0.00 – 2,400.0 VA
    Power Factor ± 0.001 to 1 (dimensionless) Leading/Lagging
    Frequency 45.0 - 65.0 Hz
    Extrapolated Readings The measurements of Energy, Cost, and Greenhouse Gas are shown as 'Real' (ie. total cumulative reading per timer), as well as extrapolated readings (displayed for Hour, Quarter, and Year).
    Last Mode Memory Starts in the last used mode when powered on.
    A '-' symbol is shown on key readings if power is back-feeding through the meter.
    Accuracy error for all ranges is better than 2%, (typical accuracy error is better than 1%).
    Documentation Power Mate Lite User Manual (PDF).

    Please Note: The Power-Mate Lite device is rated for 'indoor use.' It is not suitable for extended usage outdoors unless the screen is placed in an enclosure (or similar) to protect it from the elements.

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