Power-Mate Lite 10 Amp Power Meter

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Track & Predict Energy Costs With Ease

The Power-Mate Lite offers full power, cost, and greenhouse gas metering with outstanding accuracy. It shows instantaneous and cumulative power consumption measurements, running costs, and emissions.

Unlike any other power meter we sell, it also projects key values into the future: per hour, week, quarter and year. This means you can see an estimate for annual energy usage and cost after a relatively short monitoring period.

A simple menu lets you enter your electricity tariff and greenhouse gas values. The Power-Mate Lite also provides additional technical measurements such as supply voltage, current, power, VA, and power factor.

Power-Mate kWh Energy Readings

An example of Power-Mate's unique extrapolated energy usage readings.

Why Choose the Power-Mate Over Other Power Meters?

We also sell a much lower-cost power consumption meter. While that meter is suitable for many applications, there are several reasons why you may prefer the Power-Mate Lite. These include:

  • Higher accuracy readings - more decimal points on readings like Watts and kWh. See the specifications table below for details.
  • More measurements - the Power-Mate reports additional metrics like Amps, Power Factor, Apparent Power, and Frequency.
  • Easier to use and read - the backlit screen and 'piggyback' style plug and cable allow you to hold the display in your hand when the plug is at floor level.
  • Projected readings - the Power-Mate Lite projects its readings out over a year, so you can get a quick idea of the running costs of an appliance without having to do the maths yourself.

As experts in energy efficiency, we have used the Power-Mate Lite regularly for many years. It's a reliable tool for frequent users and those who like higher accuracy and more features.

Power-Mate Lite Technical Specifications

Electricity Rate Set in cents/kWh to 3 decimal places
Greenhouse Gas Set in kg/kWh to 3 decimal places
Timer An inbuilt timer shows the total recorded time since the last reset (up to 99 days). Alternatively, a countdown timer can log data for a set period (1, 8, 12, or 24 hours; 2, 5, 7, 14, or 28 days).
Cost $0.000001 – $999999
Energy 0.0001 – 99999 kWh
Greenhouse Gas 0.00001 – 99999 kg
Volts 170.0 – 270.0 V (RMS)
Amps 0.000 – 10.00 A (RMS)
Power 0.00 – 2,400.0 W
Apparent Power 0.00 – 2,400.0 VA
Power Factor ± 0.001 to 1 (dimensionless) Leading/Lagging
Frequency 45.0 - 65.0 Hz
Extrapolated Readings The Energy, Cost, and Greenhouse Gas measurements are shown under Real, Hour, Quarter, and Year. The 'Real' reading is per the current timed period, and the other figures are extrapolated based on this data.
Last Mode Memory Starts in the last used mode when powered on.
Direction A '-' symbol is shown on key readings if power is back-feeding through the meter.
Accuracy Power-Mate accuracy for all ranges is better than 2%. Typical accuracy is within 1%.
Further Details User Manual (PDF)
Product Identifiers Powermate Lite 10A; PML10A
Warranty 2 Years

Power-Mate FAQs

Can I use it outdoors?

The Power-Mate Lite is rated for 'indoor use.' It is only suitable for extended outdoor usage if placed in an enclosure to protect it from the elements.

Can I use it continuously plugged into a single load?

Ongoing multi-month metering of a high-usage device, like a water pump or EV charger, is not recommended. We recommend a hard-wired electricity sub-meter for permanent monitoring of devices like these.

Does it work on 15A power sockets?

No - please see the Power-Mate 15A power meter for this.

What makes it 'Lite'?

The Power-Mate Lite is the latest generation of the Power-Mate series. It is both cheaper and better than the original Power-Mate. The original Power-Mate had just a single-line digital display - see the 15A version above as an example.

There are no advantages to using the Power-Mate 10A over the Power-Mate Lite 10A, so we do not sell it. In short, 'Lite' is probably the wrong suffix - maybe they should have used 'Pro' instead!

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Raymond Magallanes
Excellent Machine

The power-mate lite is simple and easy to use device. It is very useful when you are running an estimation and cost of your appliance when powered on for certain amount of time. Especially, if you are operating on high end computer machines.

Philip Schmidt
Power meter for everyone

The power meter is easy to use and with the logging feature allows you to measure loads over time like your NBN MODEM etc. A great tool overall.

Foizu Meah Meah

Excellent experience with this company. First unit I purchased was DOA but they sent instant replacement before receving the first one. Now thats customer service! How many companies would do that? Unit works great and has made my working out costs much more simpler. Thanks guys

Reinhard Duewer

Working fine, cable is too stiff, difficult to handle

It is an excellent product!

I was looking for something that allows me to gauge how many Amps per appliance. I have a few commercial kitchenware that may draw high ampere so it was important to check and this nifty gadget made it possible. Ready to use out of the box and it came with an easy to read manual.


Menu can be a bit hard to navigate, but just a matter of getting used to it.

Hi GM, Thanks for the feedback. We'll look for ways to improve the info available on navigation.

John Townsend
Robust, quality item and easy to use

The zoom feature is ideal, especially when you are in low light conditions in a carpark, for example. We use it to measure the Energy going into our EV as an interim solution before our apartment gets proper charging facilities.

Paul Tompkins

Power-Mate Lite 10 Amp Power Meter

Phillip H
It does what it says - simple

Excellent screen, amazing detail.

Greg O'Grady

Simple and reliable. I bought this on the advice of others that have used them, and whilst the trend info etc would be useful from the cheaper plug in Bluetooth / WiFi options, I wanted the simplicity and accuracy on offer with this unit.

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