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Understand Your Energy Usage & Start Saving

Imagine if your local supermarket didn't display any prices on the shelves. You just took what you needed, and they billed you once a quarter. How could you possibly economise? Despite how crazy this sounds, this is how most people still pay for their energy usage.

Our metering and monitoring equipment changes this. These devices help quantify your energy usage and make it more tangible. As the saying goes:

You can't manage what you don't measure.

Here's precisely how our range of energy monitoring products can help:

  • Power Usage Meters - These devices are simple to use without prior knowledge. They allow you to log the power usage and cost of individual appliances. Find out anything from how much a load of washing costs to how much your TV's standby power mode uses.
  • Electricity Usage Monitors - These devices measure electricity usage across your entire property. They give you even greater insight into your energy usage in real-time. Studies have shown that using an energy monitor can help reduce your bills by between 5 and 40%.
  • Switchboard Sub Meters - These record the amount of power going through a circuit or switchboard. Sub-meters are unlike the 'monitors' above, which are more educational and interactive. Submeters are useful when splitting up a power bill with a sub-tenant (granny flat, caravan, etc.).

Measure Temperature & Light Levels

We have a range of other devices, including:

  • Thermometers - Refrigeration, air conditioning, and hot water all require accurate temperature control. With our range of thermometers, you can better assess these areas. Doing so can improve comfort, lower energy bills, and improve safety.
  • Light Meter - Compare LED lighting options or conduct a lighting audit. Our lux meter will help you take accurate measurements of actual light levels. 

Get Superhero Vision With Thermal Imaging

Our range of thermal imaging cameras makes infrared heat energy visible. They are used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Electrical and mechanical fault finding. Identify small problems before they become catastrophic failures.
  • Finding leaks and eliminating dampness. Water-logged material has a different heat signature to its surrounds.
  • Locating animals and wildlife. Whether for research purposes in the field or in your roof, all animals give off some heat.
  • Energy auditing. Thermal imaging can help identify where your building loses and gains heat. Locate draughts, missing insulation, waste heat, and more.

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