What is Powersensor?

Powersensor is the most innovative energy monitoring system on the market in Australia. It's easy to install - no tools or electricians required - and it's incredibly accurate.

There are three main components in the Powersensor system:

  1. The Powersensor Sensors are wireless devices that you install at your electricity switchboard. The sensors are battery-powered and user-rechargeable.
  2. The Powersensor Plug plugs into any power outlet inside your home. To get started, you need one Plug - but you can add more later. The Plugs relay the data from the sensors to the internet via your wifi network.
  3. The Powersensor App is where you access your data, whether you're at home or away. The App includes both energy and cost tracking, and you can view your energy data in a wide variety of ways.

These three components can be assembled into different kits, depending on your situation. At the moment, we sell two Powersensor packages:

  • Home Energy Monitor Kit - for non-solar households.
  • Solar Monitoring Kit - for homes with solar power.

PLEASE NOTE: Powersensor currently only works on single phase households. If you have three-phase power, please see one of our other energy monitors.

Powersensor by DiUS

Powersensor is a product created by DiUS - an Australian technology consultancy. They have extensive experience in the energy sector and have commercialised hundreds of products for startups and large enterprises.

Powersensor uses a unique, patented cloud-based algorithm to work out energy consumption and generation data before making it available in the App.

The product has been in development for several years. Reduction Revolution is proud to be an official launch partner of this exciting new technology.

Powersensor FAQs

How do the Powersensor Sensors work?

Powersensor uses a patented method to accurately measure electricity flow without making direct contact with any wires. We thought it was too good to be true the first time we saw it, but it works! The sensor hardware includes magnetometers that measure the magnetic field near the main electrical conductors at your electrical switchboard.

Can I order the Powersensor in bulk for resale (or similar)?

Yes - we are an official distributor for DiUS Powersensor. We offer these quantity discounts to all customers. If you're looking to make larger or recurring orders, please get in touch with us. Customers ordering in bulk include electricians, solar installers, energy auditors, energy utilities, and government.

Where can I find out more about Powersensor?

The individual product listings at the top of this page provide detailed information, app screenshots, and installation images. If you still can't find what you're after, have a read of the Powersensor knowledge base.

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