Downlight Lighting Calculators

As sellers of LED downlights, we know that downlight spacing and layout choices are a little complex. On this page we aim to remove some of that confusion with a series of easy-to-use downlight calculators.

Lumens to Lux Calculator & Guide

With our lumens to lux lighting calculator, you can enter the lumens of your chosen light bulb or fitting, the area of the space, and then estimate the number of fittings required. Our lighting calculator will display the average light intensity produced (lux). Go to our Lumens to Lux Calculator.

LED Light Beam Angle Calculator

You'll notice that most LED lights have a specified beam angle. This is the angle that light is emitted from the light bulb or fitting. A typical first question you may have is "how far will the light spread out in my room?" Go to our Lighting Beam Angle Calculator.

Free Online Lighting Calculators

This is a summary page that assumes you know some jargon like beam angle, lumens, and lux. If in doubt, simply click one of the links for a more in-depth guide for each lighting calculator.

Electricity Cost Calculator

Electricity Cost Calculator

This power cost calculator estimates any electrical appliance's total energy usage and annual running cost. Click here to use our Electricity Cost Calculator.