Beam Angle & Lighting Spread Calculator

You'll notice that most LED lights have a specified beam angle.

This is the angle that light is emitted from the light bulb or fitting. A typical first question you may have is "how far will the light spread out in my room?"

For this calculation, all you need to know is the beam angle and the distance from the light. This gives you an idea of the maximum area covered by a light.

Here are some example numbers to try in the beam angle calculator:


You will soon notice that some beam angles appear to cover a vast area. But a 10W LED light bulb and 100W LED flood light with the same beam angle will not light up an area in the same way. For this, you need to go at least one step further into the realm of lumens and lux.

For most applications you will need some overlap to provide adequate light levels. See our downlight calculator for some specific examples.

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