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Discover the True Cost of Operating Your Appliances

Our power meter helps identify hidden energy hogs and reduce your power bills. It incorporates a unique design with a separate display screen on the end of a 1.5-metre power cord. As a result, it's easy to use even when connected to power outlets obscured by appliances or furniture.

It measures and shows the following parameters:

  • Watts - Real-time power usage.
  • kWh - Cumulative energy usage over time (the basis for your electricity bill).
  • Cost - Calculated based on your specific electricity tariffs.
  • Other - Including Voltage, Amperage, and KgCO2 emissions.

Unlock $100's in Electricity Bill Savings

Check out some of the energy guzzlers we've identified with this meter:

  • A desktop computer left on standby used 22 watts, costing an unnecessary $50 per year.
  • Trimming just two hours per day from a pool pump's run-time resulted in annual savings of $250.
  • A sound system idling on standby consumed 10 watts, wasting $20 per year.
  • Switching a dishwasher to a lower temperature setting reduced energy use by 0.4 kWh per load, saving the household $40 annually.

Get Started With the Plug-In Power Meter

The power meter measures any standard plug-in appliance's energy consumption and operating cost, including:

  • Fridges, freezers, 'zip' boilers, and water coolers
  • Coffee machines, kettles, toasters, air fryers, blenders, microwaves, etc.
  • Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, irons, and hair dryers
  • Portable air conditioners, fans, and heaters
  • Water pumps, power tools, battery chargers, etc.

It can also measure several low-power devices at once when plugged into a power board, like:

  • TV, entertainment and audio equipment
  • Home office and peripherals (laptop, printer, monitor, etc.)
  • Bedside lamps and electric blankets
  • Mobile phone chargers and other electronics

Plug the power meter into a power outlet, position the screen for easy viewing, and you're ready to measure. The display even includes a hook on the back for hanging on a nail or screw.

Power Usage Meter Screen

The power meter's display screen has three sections:

  1. The top section displays real-time usage in Watts, Volts, Amps, Cost, and KgCO2 emissions.
  2. The middle section shows cumulative cost, kWh, and KgCO2 emissions since the last reset. It displays this data for the previous week, month, and year.
  3. The bottom section displays the current time and day of the week.

Specifications - Powertech Power Meter

Plug Type Standard 10A Australia / New Zealand 3-pin plug & socket
Power Use 0.3 Watts
Measurement Range 0 - 2,400 Watts
Accuracy ±1.5%
Tariffs Input up to two electricity tariffs for accurate cost calculations
Key Parameters Kilowatt-hours (kWh): 0.001 to 9999 kWh
Cost: $00.00 to $9999
Watts (W) & Voltage (V): to one decimal place
Amps (A): 0.005 to 10A
Clock Display: total run time & clock time
Battery Backup Built-in rechargeable Ni-Mh 3.6V battery for retaining measurements when you unplug it
Dimensions Screen: 80mm x 70mm x 21mm
Power Plug: 117mm x 60mm x 48mm (excluding pins)
(height x width x depth)
Cable Length 1.5 metres
Weight 227 grams
Product Identifiers PowerTech Mains Power Meter with Extendable LCD Display; MS6108
Further Details User Manual (PDF) & User Guide (Blog)
Warranty 2 Years

Comparing the Accuracy & Usability of Power Consumption Meters

Power Meter Accuracy

The basic power meter in the picture can be found at major hardware stores and online platforms. Although it's priced similarly to our power meter, it has issues with accuracy, sometimes missing large standby loads and over-reporting others. Additionally, its small and dim display screen can be challenging to read due to its design. We've tested our power meter for accuracy, and the separate display screen makes it much easier to read.

Explore Our Advanced Power Monitoring Solutions

We also offer a variety of other power monitoring products to cater to specific needs:

  • The Power Mate Lite 10A is a professional tool designed for frequent use. It also records minimum and maximum figures for more detailed analysis.
  • The Power Mate 15A meter is for larger 15A power sockets used by caravans, electric vehicles, commercial kitchens, boat marinas, and more.
  • Our hard-wired electrical sub-meters are the perfect solution for billing sub-tenants accurately.
  • Our wireless energy monitors provide comprehensive energy usage data for your entire property.

Power Consumption Meter Support & FAQ

How accurate are the readings?

Our power meter provides highly accurate readings comparable to our higher-end power meters.

How do I reset the readings?

To reset the accumulated data, press and hold the 'TOTAL' and 'UP' buttons simultaneously for two seconds. To clear all settings and restart the device, press the 'RESET' button on the front of the unit with a pointed tip Item.

What is the minimum power consumption that this meter can detect?

The power meter can detect and measure power consumption as low as 0.5 to 1 Watt, making it suitable for even small power supplies. For more sensitive measurements, consider the Power Mate Lite, which can measure power consumption down to 0.01 Watts.

Does the Power Meter measure Real Power?

Yes - this power meter measures 'Real Power' - the energy consumption you are billed for. It provides accurate and instantaneous power measurements in Watts (W) and kilowatt-hours (kWh) over time. Unlike other low-end power meters, our power meter ensures accurate readings and always displays real power.

You can read more about this below but don't worry; the meter calculates this. You do not need to do any maths!

What is the difference between Real Power & Apparent Power?

Here's how power is calculated:

  • Real Power: Volts x Amps x Power Factor = Watts (W)
  • Apparent Power: Volts x Amps = Volt-Amperes (VA)

For example:

  • Real Power: 250 volts x 0.7 amps x 0.60 power factor = 105 Watts
  • Apparent Power: 250 volts x 0.7 amps = 175 VA

As shown above, Real Power can differ significantly from Apparent Power. The difference arises due to power factor, which accounts for the phase difference between the current and voltage in alternating current (AC) circuits. While Apparent Power is the product of the current and voltage supplied by the source, Real Power is the actual power consumed by the device. 

Our power meter helps you understand your energy consumption more accurately, leading to better energy management and cost savings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ross Tomkins
Value for money, but

Whilst this metre provides value for money, I found the setup instructions very confusing, with a little more clarity this would provide a very easy set-up.

Thanks for the feedback, please see here: https://reductionrevolution.com.au/MS6108

David Booth
Get this one

Like most of these things it has more functions that only complicate it without necessarily being useful. I only want to know kW hrs which for me are about 3 to the dollar. But programming the rest looks to be simple enough if you want them. The main thing that makes this one so good is that the screen is on a lead, which makes it easy (possible) to read. For a few dollars more you get a really useful bit of gear. I give it 3 stars because it just does what it says. Maybe that should have been 5, but it hasn't saved my life yet.

Paul Glover

Powertech Plug-in Power Meter & Screen

Quentin DUNN

Difficult to set up. Not in use.

Hi Quentin, Thanks for the feedback. Please see our online How To Guide, which supplements the printed manual: https://reductionrevolution.com.au/MS6108 If you get stuck on a particular step, let us know and we can assist.

Anthony Leondis

Saw this in a KissAss you tube video where they were demonstrating one of their inverters. So thought I'd get one.

Christopher Wareham-Norfolk
Very informative

The information provided by the device helps to see where the most electricity is being used and the separate screen is a must for many appliances.
The screen is not always easy to read and would benefit from a backlight and the small text boxes being bigger. There is plenty of room for them.
The setup instructions could be clearer, there's a lot to enter in one go.

Andrew Savage
Works well.

Easy to setup. Works well. Outputs easy to access and read.

Keith sawers
Handy device

This is easy to set up and use. The screen on the lead makes it easy to read when the GPO is behind furniture.

Gives you a good idea of what it costs to operate appliances around the home and tools in the garage.

Powertech Plug-in power meter

Plus: having the display on a lead makes use much easier for difficult to access power points.
Negative: 1. poorly written instructions (on a tiny piece of paper). 2. (apparently, see previous comment) does not allow to cancel the data for a reset without also erasing all the settings (date, electricity cost, etc).

Versatile and fair priced device

This power meter showed my little AM/FM radio consumes just 0.2 Watts. The screen on the extension lead saves trying to view the readout at the power outlet where all-in-one power meters must sit. Also, some cheap power meters won't read as low as this one and require 3Xbutton cells to operate so they're not so cheap anyway.

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