LED Fluro Tube Lights

Our range of LED fluro tubes can replace any existing T8 fluorescent tube lights.

LED tubes are energy-efficient, long-lasting, contain no mercury, and they're easy to install. Simply replace the fluro tube and starter with the LED tube and LED starter, and you're done!

We stock LED tubes in all common sizes including:

  • 2 foot - approx 600mm or 60cm,
  • 3 foot - approx 900mm or 90cm,
  • 4 foot - approx 1200mm or 120cm *most common size*,
  • 5 foot - approx 1500mm or 150cm.

LED Fluro Tube FAQs

Can I replace a fluro tube with an LED tube?

Yes. If your fitting has a starter, just replace the tube and starter. If your T8 fluro tube fitting does not have a starter you'll need to ask an electrician to modify the fitting (a quick job in most cases). See our product pages for details.

Do your LED tubes include a starter?

Yes. All of our retrofit LED tubes include an LED starter.

Is there an LED tube available for T5 fluorescents?

T5 LED tubes are not yet available in Australia from reputable manufacturers. If your existing fittings contain T5 fluro tubes we suggest you upgrade the entire fitting with either an LED batten or LED troffer (used in office lighting).

What's the difference between a T5 tube and a T8 tube?

T5 tubes are thinner in diameter and shorter in length than T8 tubes. Make sure you check the overall length on our led fluro tube product pages, and you can't go wrong.

Which colour temperature is best?

One colour temperature is not 'better' than another. LED tubes are most commonly available in Cool White 4000K ('840') and Daylight 6500K ('865'). You can find out more in our blog post on choosing the right colour temperature.

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