Philips Circular G10q LED Tube 20W

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Colour Temperature: Cool White 4000K
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Replace 32W Circular Fluorescent Tubes With LED

Circular fluorescent tubes are a common light source found in oyster lights. This LED replacement from Philips allows you to upgrade to LED without replacing your entire light fitting.

  • Reduce total energy consumption and running costs by about 50%.
  • Lasts up to six times longer than conventional T9 circular 32W fluoro tubes.
  • Install it yourself - no electrician is required in most cases.
  • Available in two colour temperatures to suit your needs.

LED Fluro Tube Lights Colour Temperature 4000K 6500K

Choose between 4000K (cool white) and 6500K (cool daylight).

This circular LED tube uses a G10q connector with four connecting pins, as shown in the image gallery. It's about 30cm in diameter and 3cm thick (referred to as a 'T9'). If your round fluoro tube is a different size or has another connector, you may need to upgrade the whole light fitting. See our range of LED oyster lights for options.

Circular LED Tube Installation Guide

There are two main types of existing circular fluorescent light fittings:

1) Magnetic Ballast - With Starters. These are the most common fitting type. Simply replace the tube and starter (supplied), and you're done. These magnetic ballast fittings are identifiable by the fact they have starters present.

T9 Circular Fluro Tube Installation

Installation is easy for any fitting with a starter.

2) Electronic Ballast - No Starters. Unlike the example shown above, these fittings do not have a starter. These units will usually require an electrician to 'wire out' the existing high-frequency electronic ballast before you can install the circular LED tube.

Specifications - Philips G10q Circular LED Tube 20W

Fitting Type Circular T9 Tube / G10q connector
Power Usage 20 Watts (replaces 32W round tubes)
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K Cool White or 6500K Cool Daylight
Colour Code 840 or 865
Beam Angle 120°
Light Output 2,000 lumen
Dimmable No
Dimensions 298mm (diameter) x 30mm (tube width)
Weight 220 grams
Carton Quantity 20 - this listing is for 1 circular tube
Product Identifiers Philips MyCare LED Circular 20W 840 or 865 G10q AP
Further Details Data Sheets: 4000K, 6500K (PDF)
Warranty 3 Years

Circular LED Tube Dimensions

Philips Circular LED Tube 20W - Dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a starter?

Yes - don't forget to check the packaging for the starter once received.

The packaging also includes a sticker that you can place inside your light fitting. It shows that an LED (not fluorescent) tube is in use.

Note: Make sure to remove the original starter. The included starter is specific to LED circular lights. It simply takes the spot where the old starter would be, but makes no electrical connection.

What other options are available?

This is the only circular LED tube that we stock. If you have a different type of round fluorescent tube that you are seeking to upgrade, check out our oyster lights instead. We also sell a wide range of linear LED tubes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
G Butler
Simple change over.

I love the the simplicity of changing to LED lighting that the Philips Circular G10q LED Tube 20W from Reduction Revolution provides.

Laurie Tasker

Good light changed from old style to l.e.d.

Cindy Chen

Efficient and good quality

Eric Lindsay
Bright LED 20W Circular Tube replacement

This bright LED 20W circular fluorescent tube replacement was a perfect shape in my bathroom ceiling oyster light fitting. It came with a replacement “starter” to modify the fitting for LED. The LED light is instant on, and considerably brighter than the fluorescent tube it replaced. Seems to work just fine.

Robin Austin

Philips Circular G10q LED Tube 20W

An easy upgrade

A very simple solution to upgrade from a fluorescent light to LED

I. Bright

Philips Circular G10q LED Tube 20W

John Yates
Too complicated to decide on globe

The tube would not fit in the fitting, globe part too fat

Hi John, Sorry to read this. Please let us know if the product listing was not clear enough on dimensions so we can improve.

Lindsay Peter Martin

Philips Circular G10q LED Tube 20W

Brett Conlon
Great product and worked first go

I was dubious going from a fluoro tube to the LED ring as it’s my first time converting (including changing from my 40 CM tube to 30 cm) but I just couldn't stand the thought of buying yet another toxic globe that I refuse to throw in the trash once it’s dead (I’m now holding 5 trying to figure out what to responsibly do with them). But, after adjusting the brackets on my oyster to the 30cm size, I connected up the LED ring and BLING, it worked great!

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