LED Motion Sensor Lights & Occupancy Sensors

Motion sensor lights can help reduce energy usage and improve security.

Types of Motion Sensor Lights

There are three main types of sensors used in LED sensor lights:

1) Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detectors. PIR sensors measure the infrared light (or heat) radiating from objects in their field of view. They detect a change in radiation when something obvious happens: like a person walking past, or a vehicle driving by.

2) Microwave occupancy sensors. Microwave sensors emit a microwave signal and then detect if this signal has been disturbed. As a result, they tend to be more sensitive than PIR sensors.

3) Photo Electric (PE) light sensors. PE cells or sensors detect the amount of light in a given area. They are often used to switch lights on overnight at a certain light level (lux level).

There are many different words used to describe motion sensor lights. These include: motion sensor, movement detector, occupancy sensor, day/night sensor, daylight harvesting, and others. Despite all the different words, most light fittings use one or a combination of the three types of sensors described above.

Popular Applications for LED Motion Sensor Lights

Some of the most beneficial applications for LED sensor lights include:

  • Security lighting.
  • Building perimeter, front entrance, and driveway lighting.
  • Underground and undercover car park lighting.
  • Meeting rooms, storerooms, and other back-office areas.
  • Corridors and lift lobbies.
  • Fire escape and emergency lighting.

Motion Sensors for Lights - Wall, Ceiling Surface Mount, or Recessed

Surface-mount motion sensors sit flush against any ceiling type or material. Their size and appearance is similar to a smoke detector. The motion sensor twists and locks onto a slim bracket (included) which gets screwed or bolted to the ceiling first. The sensor is in a fixed position and scans 360° below.

Recessed motion sensors fit into a hole cut into the ceiling. They have spring clips that hold them securely in place on ceiling materials like plasterboard or office ceiling tiles (of around 25mm thick or less). Only the face of the sensor is visible on the ceiling and the visual profile is low. The sensor is in a fixed position and scans 360° below.

Wall mount motion sensors can be fixed to any wall. The sensor articulates on an adjustable arm allowing plenty of flexibility to point it exactly where you want to scan for movement. The unit we sell has a detection angle of 120° making it ideal for applicants like detecting cars or people on a driveway, or people on a walkway.

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