Deco Black Emergency Light With Sensor

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Our go-to bunker light due to its durability (IK10 and UV resistant), unique aesthetic, and integrated programmable sensor - Asher C. (Verified Buyer)

Bulkhead LED Light Fitting With Battery Backup

The Chamaeleon Deco Charcoal Black from enLighten is ideal for lift lobbies, stairwells, corridors, foyers, building perimeter and exterior lighting.

Its features include:

  • Integrated motion sensor and daylight sensor for up to 90% energy savings.
  • IP65 (waterproof) and IK10 (highest level of impact resistance).
  • Includes replaceable battery backup - allows the light to operate for at least 90 minutes during a power outage. See here for the non-emergency model.
  • 5 year warranty for the light, 2 year battery warranty.

Chamaeleon Charcoal Black Light with Sensor

Chamaeleon Deco Charcoal Black - saves energy and looks great.

Huge Energy Savings for 'Always On' Lighting

The Chamaeleon Deco delivers much higher energy savings than other similar looking light fittings. Whereas other lights remain on all day, the Deco has three modes:

  1. Full brightness (23W),
  2. Reduced brightness (10W) after no movement detected,
  3. OR off after no motion detected.

Apart from the motion sensor, it also has an integrated daylight sensor so the light can remain off when natural light is available.

The Chamaeleon Deco Charcoal Black model is ideal for buildings where lights are otherwise left on continuously. The product has been used in residential strata buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial offices, and many other applications.

Mounting, Microwave Sensor, & Timer Options

The Chamaeleon Deco can be wall or ceiling mounted and has a range of energy-saving options.

Wall Mount Ceiling Mount
Suggested installation height 1-1.8m 2.5-6m
Maximum suggested spacing Every 5m Every 6m
Detection range Approx 6m Approx 8m

Sensitivity Setting - Reduce the standard detection range to 75%, 50%, 25% or 10%. This is handy if you need to 'tune' the microwave occupancy sensor to not switch on too readily in certain environments.

Time Delay Setting - The time that the light remains on at full brightness after movement has ceased. The options are 5 seconds, 30s, 1 minute, 5m, 15m or 30m. We recommend 1m for corridors and 5m for lobbies.

Daylight Sensor Adjustment - The integrated PE (photoelectric) cell can be used to make sure the light only turns on at certain ambient light levels. Options are 2 lux (dark), 5 lux, 10 lux (twilight), 30 lux, 50 lux, or photocell disabled (default setting). Note: this setting can only be used when the standby brightness is set to 0% (see below).

Chamaeleon Deco DIP Switches

These settings are adjusted with a series of 'DIP switches' inside the light fitting. See the instruction manual below for details.

Standby Brightness Mode - The amount of light emitted can either be 20% or 0% when no movement is detected. We recommend the 0% setting for maximum energy savings in most cases.

Specifications - Chamaeleon Deco Charcoal Black Emergency

Fitting Type Wall or ceiling mounted complete light fitting
Power Consumption 23W
Voltage 220 - 240V
Lifetime 54,000 hours
Colour Temperature Neutral White 4000K
Material Die-cast aluminium (body) and polycarbonate cover
Light Output 1,750 Lumens
Ratings IP65 (waterproof) and IK10 (highest level of impact resistance)
Dimensions 302mm (diameter) by 88mm (depth)
Weight 2.34kg
Battery Replaceable 7.2V Ni-Cd 1800mAh battery. Allows light to run for at least 90 minutes in a blackout.
Installation Installation by an electrician. 3 wire terminal block for electrical connection inside unit (see installation instructions below for details).
Warranty 5 Years (fitting), 2 Years (Battery)
Product Identifiers D-CHAMC-E-CB, enLighten Chamaeleon or Chameleon Deco Emergency with in-built sensor - charcoal black
Further Documentation Spec Sheet (PDF), Installation Instructions (PDF), IES file for professional lighting designers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended light spacing in a corridor?

If you are replacing existing bulkhead light fittings you can usually just replace every light fitting (ie. one for one replacement). In some corridors, where the existing lights are quite close together, you can get away with replacing every second light fitting. In either case, the maximum recommended spacing between light fittings is approximately 5 to 6 metres for normal ceiling heights.

Can I install the light where it will be exposed to direct sunlight?

Yes, this unit is UV stabilised.

See all of our oyster light fittings.

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