This page outlines how and where to find product-specific advice and general recommendations on our website.

Product-Specific Details & Advice

Please carefully review the following sections on each product page:

Product Images - click the main image on any product page and scroll through for detailed photos. These can include packaging, dimensions, wiring or other helpful details about our products.

Customer Reviews - every product page also has a section for verified customer reviews. This is a great place to find valuable information and read about some novel ways customers use our products.

Product DetailsWhere to find key details on our product pages.

Specifications, Installation & Documentation - our specifications tables include detailed product information, manufacturer PDFs, and installation guides when available. Remember any product that requires installation also ships with a printed instruction manual.

Frequently Asked Questions - below the specification table, we have a section for frequently asked questions.

Specs and FAQs

PDFs with extra information and product FAQs.

General Advice & Recommendations

Browse these resources for the bigger picture:

Resource Examples

How-to Guides

Our free online blog with numerous tips, tricks, and guides.

How to monitor your electricity usage

How to upgrade LED downlights

Choosing the right thermal camera

Create your own thermal cooker recipes

LED guides for dimming, flickering, and colour temperature


Check your lighting layouts and more with our free online tools.

Appliance running costs

Downlight quantity and spacing

Converting lumens to lux (AKA 'How many lights do I need?')

Lighting beam angle

Category Pages

Our category pages are collections or groups of similar products.

Lights: Dimmable, Downlights, Sensors, Outdoor

Monitors: Plugs, Meters, Wireless, Thermal

Ceiling Fans: White, With Lights, Low-Profile

Appliances: Heating, Standby, Cooking

Can't Find What You Need? 'Buy & Try'

If you can't find what you're looking for, we encourage you to buy the product and try it out yourself.

We have a generous return policy as outlined here.

If you think our product page is missing some vital information, please get in touch with us so we can answer your question and improve our website!

See Also: Post-Purchase Technical Support and our other Frequently Asked Questions.