Advantages of LED Floodlights

LED floodlights have left the energy-guzzling competition in the dust. Here's why all outdoor, security and other floodlighting should be upgraded to our quality LED options.

1) Energy Savings. Compared to halogen floodlights our LED floods use 90% less energy. To be clear: that's the same amount of useful light at 10% of the operating cost.

2) Improved Design. New LED floodlight fittings are fully integrated (no replacement bulb). This allows for the lights to be better sealed and have a higher IP (waterproof) rating. This is ideal for the harsh outdoor environments that they are used in. The approach means LED floodlights take up less space (slimline, sleek design) compared to old floodlights.

3) Control Options. Unlike mercury vapour or metal halide bulbs, LED lights switch on instantly. In some cases, they can also be dimmed down to save energy. This allows them to be more easily paired with daylight or motion sensors. Tip: we recommend the use of '3 wire' rather than '2 wire' sensors with our LED floodlights.

Types of Floodlight

LED Flood Light - conventional LED floodlight in a range of size options. Can be used for a variety of applications including building perimeter, sheds, signage lighting, and more. Can also be used as an uplight (indoors or outdoors).

Sensor Flood Light - LED floodlight with PIR motion sensor. Ideal for security lighting and other applications where the lights don't actually need to be left on all night.

PAR38 Spot Light Bulb - an LED bulb to replace incandescent, halogen or CFL bulbs. Ideal for front porches, driveways and backyards where PAR38 bulbs are often found.

LED Street Light - an energy-saving area or roadway lighting option. 

Solar Street Light - an off-grid lighting solution for carparks, paths, walkways, and more.

LED Work Light - a work light is a portable (rechargeable) floodlight fitting. They're ideal for use in workshops or when on the road.

Emergency Floodlight - a back-up light source for large areas such as halls and workshops. These floodlights provide lighting for at least 90 minutes in the event of a power outage.

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