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LED Flood Light in Six Wattage Options

This latest version of the Philips SmartBright LED flood light now comes in six different brightness options (wattages).

It has the following benefits over conventional flood lights:

  • Energy Saving - uses 90% less power than halogen flood lights.
  • Quality Guaranteed - 3-year warranty and 50,000 hour rated lifetime.
  • Outdoor Rated - IP65 waterproof rating.
  • Robust - die-cast Aluminium housing and IK07-IK08 impact rating.
  • Flexible Mounting Options - includes an adjustable bracket for wall, ground, ceiling, or pole mounting.

Need a Motion Sensor? See our complete range of floodlights.

LED Flood Light Size Guide

If you're replacing an existing flood light, use the table below to make your sizing choice. The exact wattage you require will depend on the technology being replaced.

The lower numbers in the 'conventional' column are for metal-halide (MH) and the higher numbers are for halogen flood lights. Less common mercury vapour (MV) flood lights would sit in the middle of the 'conventional' wattage range.

If you're replacing an LED flood light, simply choose the same or a slightly lower wattage in this Philip LED flood light.

Conventional Flood Light Wattage Philips LED Flood Light Wattage
100W - 250W 30W
200W - 500W 50W
250W - 750W 70W
300W - 1000W 100W
500W - 1500W 150W
700W - 2000W 200W

LED Flood Light Sizes

The above image shows the relative physical size of the 30W (left), 100W (middle) and 200W (right) LED floodlights. For exact dimensions and weights, see the specifications table below.

LED Flood Light Example Applications

This Philips LED flood light is ideal for both domestic and commercial lighting. Here are some typical applications and corresponding wattages choices:

  • Suburban household (deck, driveway, patio, garden) - 30W or 50W
  • Rural or semi-rural properties - 50W to 100W
  • Building facades and signage - 70W to 150W
  • Security lighting and car parks - 50W to 200W
  • Sports practice areas, tennis courts, horse arenas, etc - 100W to 200W

To choose the right size, you should consider the number of lights being used, and the area being lit. Use our free lighting calculator to make some rough calculations for your situation.

500W Halogen vs. 50W Philips LED Flood Light

The table below outlines the benefits of switching to the Philips SmartBright LED floodlights over conventional products.

Philips Halolite 500W (or similar) Philips SmartBright LED 50W
500W Halogen Floodlight
Leak-prone design - Clips may have ageing and cracks that cause water leakage. Integrated design - means the case never needs to be opened.
Short lifetime - Replace halogen bulb every 2,000 hours. Long lifetime - no bulb replacements plus 70% light output maintenance to 50,000 hours.
Bulky - at least 10cm thick. Slimline - main body is ~5cm thick.
Low efficiency - around 9 lumens/watt (4,500lm). High efficiency - now 100 lumens/watt (5,000lm).
Less robust - IP54 and no IK rating. More robust - IP65 (waterproof) and IK07 to IK08 (mechanical shock) ratings.

Specifications - LED Flood Light 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W & 200W

Power Usage 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W, or 200W
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K Neutral White
Beam Angle Asymmetrical Wide Beam (30˚ Vertical / 80˚ Horizontal)
Light Output 3,000lm (30W), 5,000lm (50W), 7,000lm (70W), 10,000lm (100W), 15,000lm (150W), 20,000lm (200W)
Dimmable No
Dimensions 30W - 174 x 206 x 37mm (max Width x Length x Depth)
50W - 237 x 297 x 38mm
70W - 256 x 327 x 55mm
100W - 273 x 360 x 58mm
150W - 332 x 430 x 60mm
200W - 378 x 491 x 60mm
Ratings IP65 Waterproof & IK07 (30W-70W) or IK08 (100W-200W) Impact Resistant
Weight 0.85kg (30W), 1.5kg (50W), 2.1kg (70W), 3.2kg (100W), 5kg (150W), 6.1kg (200W)
Material Pressure die-cast aluminium housing and steel bracket. Both are powder coated dark grey.
Installation Installation by an electrician. Comes pre-wired with a 60cm power cable. Can be hardwired or add a 3 pin plug.
Mounting Angles 0˚ to ~340° mounting angle range
Product Identifiers BVP151 LED30 / LED50 / LED70 / LED100 / LED150 / LED200 NW 30W / 50W / 70W / 100W / 150W / 200W AWB SAA (Product Description); 911401818780, 911401819080, 911401819380, 911401819680, 911401819980, 911401820280 (Part Numbers)
Further Details Data Sheets: 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W, 200W (PDF), Mounting Instructions: 30W-70W, 100W-200W (PDF), IES files for lighting designers.
Warranty 3 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the LED flood light with a motion sensor?

Yes - you can ask your electrician to wire in a motion sensor for use with this LED flood light. We recommend a '3-wire' motion sensor like this (also available in black). Note: if you use a '2 wire' sensor the floodlight may light up very dimly when 'off' due the leakage current.

Is this LED flood light available in any other colour temperature or wattage options?

No - we stock all available variations of this Philips LED flood light. For several other options including streetlights, see our complete range of LED floodlights.

What were the previous model numbers?

We stock the very latest LED flood light range from Philips Australia. See the above specifications table for current part numbers. The previous part numbers are included below for reference. If you are trying to match an older version to the latest stock - just choose the same wattage.

BVP161 LED26/NW 30W, BVP161 LED43/NW 50W, BVP161 LED60/NW 70W, BVP161 LED90/NW 100W (Product ID); 911401806698, 911401806798, 911401809898, 911401823498 (Philips Product Codes)

BVP171 BVP172 BVP173 BVP174 BVP176 LED26/43/60/95/190 NW 30W 50W 70W 100W 200W WB GREY SAA KC (Product Description); 911401672404, 911401674604, 911401689304, 911401691204, 911401629504 (Part Numbers).

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Hans Ilse
Great Lights

Work very well. Do the job they are intended for.

Ray A.
Phillips Smart Bright Flood light G2

We have purchased several of these fittings and apart from the time to fit a 240v plug to them have been very satisfied with their performance Ray Aitken Wentworth Galleries

James Barton
Product has not been installed yet

Received product. All looks great.
Electrician has not installed it yet, so can not submit decent review yet.

Chris Wright
Works Well

Easy to install as it fastens to walls etc. Light is suitable for your average garden or slightly bigger. Doesn't use much power.

Scott Malkin
Let there be light

Fantastic product delivered in a timely manner

hris Hollingworth

Best LED flood lights ive ever fitted ,AAA

Brendan Missenden

Philips SmartBright G2 LED Flood Light

Dave y.
Solid,well made, works fine,well packaged,

Solid,well made, works fine,well packaged, good delivery time.

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