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DC Ceiling Fans Vs. AC Ceiling Fans

DC ceiling fans offer a new and better way to keep cool.

Somewhat confusingly, DC ceilings fans still use standard 240V mains power - the same as regular ceiling fans. So they're just as easy for an electrician to install.

The AC/DC difference is all hidden inside. A regular ceiling fan uses mains power (Alternating Current) to run its motor. On the other hand, a DC ceiling fan converts the mains power into Direct Current (via a transformer) to operate its motor.

There are several benefits to DC ceiling fans, including:

  • DC fans are quiet ceiling fans. DC motors operate in near silence, particularly at low to medium speeds.
  • Variable speed control. DC ceiling fans have more speed control options than other ceiling fans.
  • Energy-efficient ceiling fans. This means they are the cheapest ceiling fans to operate. For example, our white ceiling fan in the small size uses just 2.4W of power on the slowest speed.
  • Sleek and responsive. DC motors tend to occupy less space and weigh less. This means they can be housed in better-looking fans - just like our EGO Noosa range pictured above. You can even send them into reverse mode directly from the remote control. (With old AC fans you need to climb a ladder and flick a switch on the unit in order to change direction).

Ceiling Fans With Lights

Most ceiling fans with lights on the market offer a low-quality lighting function. For example, many ceiling fans with lights have a single colour temperature light that is not dimmable. You might like how the fan looks, but you probably won't like the light!

Our EGLO Noosa range, on the other hand, features a high-quality tri-colour LED light. This means you can select your preferred lighting based on your personal preference. The LED light is also dimmable via the included remote control.

Tri Colour Ceiling Fan Light

Our ceiling fans with lights allow you to choose between warm white, neutral white, or cool white.

Ceiling Fan Sizes

Our ceiling fans come in three size options to suit almost all requirements:

  • Small - 46 inch (117cm diameter) - this compact size is only available in our black and white ceiling fan options.
  • Regular - 52 inch (132cm diameter) - available in all ceiling fan finishes - including wood-look.
  • Large - 60 inch (152cm diameter) - available in all finishes.

We think the large size looks particularly elegant with its aerodynamic three-blade design. But we also love the ultimate energy-saving potential of the compact 46in option - it's great for overnight use in bedrooms, for example.

Ceiling Fan Sizes - 46in 52in 60in

White, Black or Timber Ceiling Fans

Here's a list of our available ceiling fans:

Can't decide? We think the best ceiling fan choice is the 'white with light' option. It will fit in with most interiors in a neat and unobtrusive way. And of course, it has a good quality light for added utility, if you need it. 

EGLO Noosa Ceiling Fans

The fact we exclusively stock the EGLO Noosa ceiling fans is no accident. We conducted an extensive review of the market and decided to only sell the EGLO Noosa range, for the following reasons:

Efficiency - we are energy efficiency specialists, and we also sell plenty of LED lights, so we know a good fan with light from a bad one.

Design - they look great, but without the heftier price tag of its nearest rivals, like Aeratron or Big Ass ceiling fans.

Quality - they come with a 3 year in-home and 6 year motor warranty as standard. You might be able to find a cheaper ceiling fan at Bunnings, but it's unlikely to have a build quality or warranty like this one.

Choice - as described above: there's a size and look for everyone (white, black, wood, etc).

EGLO is a lighting and ceiling fan manufacturer based in Austria. They began as EGLO Leuchten in 1967 and set up their first factory in the mid-1970s. From there they expanded into other European markets and their products are now sold worldwide.

You may not have heard of them before, but EGLO has been around for a long time. This is a picture of their first manufacturing facility in Austria, 1976. They now have offices all around the world, including here in Australia.

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