EGLO Surf Smart USB Module

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Control Surf Ceiling Fans From Your Phone

Turn any ELGO Surf ceiling fan into a smart fan, with the addition of this EGLO Smart USB Module. Simply plug the Smart USB Module into the existing receiver before, during, or after installation. This device lets you pair the fan with the EGLO My Control app and easily control it from your phone.

  • Turn your Surf fan on / off,
  • Adjust fan speed,
  • Control the fan's light functions (for fans with a light),
  • Set timers and schedules,
  • Control your fan from anywhere in the world,
  • Controllable via voice assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Echo & Siri.

How to Install the EGLO Surf Smart USB Module

  1. Plug your SMART USB MODULE into the compatible receiver in your fan (located under the canopy where the fan is attached to the ceiling).
  2. Search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone to download 'EGLO MyControl' or 'Tuya Smart'. The EGLO USB Module is powered by Tuya's Smart Device platform so either app can be used.
  3. Sign-up to create a new account.
  4. Follow the in-app prompts and your fan's manual to complete installation. You can now start controlling the fan from your phone!

EGLO Surf Smart USB Module Installation

EGLO Surf Upgrade with Smart USB Module

Specifications - EGLO Surf Smart USB Module

Compatibility EGLO Surf ceiling fans (all Surf models)
2.4Ghz WiFi and Bluetooth
USB Type-A - only for connection to the fan's receiver
Product Identifiers
EGLO MY CONTROL Smart USB Module Surf Ceiling Fan; 205503 (part number)
Further Details Brochure (PDF); Install Guide (PDF, Pages 10-11).

Customer Reviews

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Easy to install, feature rich

I bought one with my fan purchase and was happy with it, so I bought a couple more to make all my Surf fans 'smart'. Now I'm even considering to convert the Noosa fan but I have to replace the fan controller with a newer one. This was the main reason I bought Surf and not the Noosa. The only issue with the module is it's doesn't have a random timer function, but I found a way to work around that by using another device with random timer function through Smart Life (Tuya) app.

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