FLIR Cameras - History, Technology, Software, Training, & More

Reduction Revolution is a national distributor for Teledyne FLIR Australia. We sell a wide range of FLIR Thermal Cameras, accessories, and software.

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Complete Guide to Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging camera specifications are a bit overwhelming if you are not familiar with them. Here are some of the details to look out for when purchasing a thermal camera.

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How To Check & Measure Your Electricity Usage

Over the years, I've witnessed many 'debates' about who or what caused a power bill to go up. I've also heard plenty of misinformation about which devices use the most electricity. 

In this blog post, I'll outline several devices you can use to check your electricity usage.

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Create Any Thermal Cooker Recipe In 3 Easy Steps

We are often asked about suitable recipes for our Billyboil Thermal Cooker. Unfortunately, there are hardly any thermal cooker specific recipe books on the market. And those that do exist aren't very inspiring.

In this article I'll show how you can turn just about any recipe into a thermal cooker recipe.

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How to Zero Your Energy Bills

How much did you spend on household energy usage in the last year? Let's include: electricity, gas, bottled gas (LPG), wood, and petrol / diesel for your car(s).

Most households in Australia spend about $5,000 on these fuels each year. Our total for the past year is about minus $300.

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Colour Temperature Explained - Definition, Guides & Examples

Asking 'Which colour temperature is best?' is a bit like asking 'What colour should I paint my wall?'

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Why Is My Electricity Bill So High?

If you've received a high electricity bill you can end up feeling pretty helpless.

I've spoken to many people over the years who think their high electricity bill was caused by:

  • an electricity leak,
  • a faulty appliance,
  • an incorrect utility meter,
  • or even a neighbour stealing power.

While these things are technically possible, they're extremely rare. So rare in fact, that they don't even rate a mention in my 'top ten' list.

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How to Spot & Avoid Power Saving Scams

Over the years, I've seen plenty of power-saving scams. They often claim to save vast amounts off your electricity bills.

The problem is, they all rely on a grain of truth in their marketing spiel. So these devices often sound technically plausible.

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How to Calculate Watts (Wattage) - Mains Power

The wattage of an appliance (in watts) is often said to be current (in amps) multiplied by voltage (in volts).

Whilst this is true for simplified or direct current (DC) circuits, it's not the case for the mains power we use everyday.

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How to Convert a Freezer Into a High Efficiency Fridge

Converting a freezer into a high efficiency fridge is a relatively cheap and simple DIY project. All you need is a standalone freezer (chest freezer or upright freezer) and a new refrigerator thermostat. The freezer can be old or new.

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Flickering LED Lights - Main Causes & Best Solutions

There are many potential causes of flickering lights.

Sometimes flickering is caused by low quality LED lights. In other cases, we encounter strobing or blinking related to the dimming of LED lights.

But it's worth remembering that flickering is not the exclusive domain of modern LED lights.

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How to Choose The Right Light Bulb Type

Working out how the various types of light bulbs are named and categorised can be a bit tricky at first. But after reading this handy guide, you'll soon be decrypting labels like Tom Hanks in the DaVinci Code.

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Climate Change in Australia - Causes & Solutions

There is a lot of talk about the problem of climate change and who’s to blame. But not so much about the actual causes and specific solutions to climate change. In this article, I will attempt to, as briefly as possible, outline just that:

  1. Where our greenhouse gas emissions come from in Australia, and
  2. What you can do to help reduce them, and begin to halt climate change.

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Electricity Smart Meters NSW & Victoria - Complete Guide

I first started writing about Smart Meters back in 2011 during the rollout in Victoria. Back then, a real storm was being whipped up by mainstream media. 

Fast forward to now and many people are still worried about smart electricity meters.

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Efergy Engage Hub - Tips & Alternatives

We no longer sell the Efergy Engage Hub, but the following guide may assist past customers and other users.

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How Much Power a Fridge Uses - in Watts, Cost & kWh

Domestic fridge power consumption is typically between 100 and 250 watts.

Before you think "okay great - now I know how much power my fridge uses" - sorry to say, but it's not quite that simple!

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How to Fix Radio & TV Interference From LED Lights

Some of our customers have reported interference on their TV or radio after upgrading MR16 downlights to LED. This only happens when the lights are switched on, but it can be annoying, especially if you enjoy AM radio!

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How to Decode Your Electricity Bills & Gas Bills

Electricity bills and gas bills are often confusing and hard to interpret.

Once you know what to look for, they will make a lot more sense. Then you can get started on reducing them!

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How To Check if You Have 3 Phase Power (& Solar)

Single phase or three phase, that is the question. Well, at least if you're browsing our range of wireless energy monitors.

Here are two simple ways to check if your home or business has one or three phases connected.

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Efergy Transmitter Tips & Advanced Settings

After selling Efergy energy monitors for a number of years we've collected several tips, tricks & advanced settings for the Elite, E2 and Engage systems to get the most from your new monitor, expand an existing system or reset an older unit.

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