How to Calibrate Your Efergy E-Max Energy Monitor

Calibrating your Efergy E-Max energy monitor is an optional step to 'tune' the accuracy of your electricity usage readings.

Follow these steps to calibrate your device:

Step 1: Take An Initial Reading

Start by taking a reading from your utility electricity meter in the morning. Then, note down the 'TODAY' kWh reading on the E-Max at the same time. For example:

  • Utility Meter Reading: 00324.5
  • E-Max Reading: 1.500 kWh

Please Note:

  • It's best to take these readings when you are not using much power.
  • Some utility meters have multiple channels of data which you may need to add up together for total usage. This is more likely if your have 3 Phase power.
  • If you have solar panels installed and you use the Efergy E-Max to measure consumption, you should complete this process over several hours in the evening rather than during the day.

Step 2: Wait at Least 10 Hours & Take Another Reading

Use your household appliances as usual during the day and then take a follow-up reading towards the end of the day. Do not run this test overnight as the 'TODAY' reading will re-set.

Example end-of-day readings:

  • Utility Meter Reading: 00332.5
  • E-Max Reading: 10.100 kWh

Step 3: Calculate The Total Readings

Calculate the difference between your initial and final readings. For example:

  • Meter Reading Total = 332.5 - 324.5 = 8 kWh
  • E-Max Reading Total = 10.1 - 1.5 = 8.6 kWh

Step 4: Calculate a Calibration Factor & Enter The Value

Calibration Factor = Meter Reading Total / E Max Reading Total.

For example:

  • 8 / 8.6 = 0.93023 = 0.93 (rounded to 2 decimal places)

Finally, enter this value into the Calibration setting in your E-Max monitor's menu.

You can access the settings menu on your Efergy E-Max by pressing the MODE button for three seconds. Tap the MODE button to progress to the next setting until you reach "Calibration" then use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the value.

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