InfiRay P2 Pro Thermal Camera

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Version: Android (USB-C)
Lens: Standard
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The World's Smallest (& Best Value) Thermal Camera

The InfiRay P2 Pro transforms your smartphone into a powerful thermal imaging device. This ultra-compact thermal camera delivers precise temperature readings and detailed thermal images for numerous applications.

Here's a breakdown of the InfiRay P2 Pro thermal camera's key features:

  • High Resolution - The P2 Pro boasts a 256x192 pixel infrared detector, which provides detailed thermal images and accurate temperature measurements.
  • Wide Temperature Range - It measures temperatures between -20°C and 600°C.
  • Ultra Compact & Portable - Weighing just nine grams, you'll barely notice its there. All of our InfiRay P2 Pro models come with small carry bag, so you can always have it with you.
  • App Included - The dedicated Thermal P2 app allows you to record still images and videos, change colour palettes, analyse results, and share your findings with others.

Choose Your InfiRay P2 Pro Model

Select the model that suits your smartphone:

  • Android with a USB-C connector (Android 6.0 and higher)
  • iPhone (iOS) with a Lightning connector (iOS 13.0 / iPhone 11 and above)

You can add a Macro Lens to either version for extra precision:

  • Standard - ideal for general thermal imaging tasks.
  • Standard + Macro - the Macro lens accessory 'clips' onto the Standard lens with a magnet. It lets you get incredibly detailed, close-up thermal images of electronics and tiny objects.

Infiray P2 Pro thermal imager in use

The P2 Pro Thermal Camera is in one word, amazing! The smallest thermal camera on the market, it's also extremely powerful with a high resolution. It weighs next to nothing and the battery life is infinitely long tapping into the phone's battery. There's no need to charge the camera which is a huge bonus for me as I don't like carrying around multiple chargers. I really like the additional macro lens... it helps a lot with seeing finer details. So easy to just snap it onto the main body of the camera. - Esther (Verified Buyer)

What Will You Discover With The P2 Pro?

The InfiRay P2 Pro is an incredibly versatile tool for professionals and hobbyists. Its useful applications include:

  • Electrical Inspection - find overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, and hotspots.
  • HVAC - detect insulation leaks, inefficient ductwork, or moisture problems.
  • Building Inspection - detect air leaks, heat loss areas, structural issues, and pests.
  • Plumbing - locate leaks and blockages within pipes.
  • Automotive - identify engine problems and overheating components.
  • PCB Analysis - ideal for electronics enthusiasts inspecting printed circuit boards (requires the Macro Lens option).
  • Outdoor / Night Vision & Other - endless opportunities for creativity and fun.

Specifications - InfiRay P2 Pro

Compatibility Android version: USB-C connector with Android 6.0 and higher.
iPhone version: Lightning connector with iOS 13.0 / iPhone 11 or above.
Temperature Range -20˚C to 600˚C
Thermal Resolution 256 x 192 pixels
Refresh Rate 25Hz
Sensitivity 0.04˚C
Field of View 56° x 42°
Power Usage 0.35W
Operating Time Over 5 hours of continuous use on most smartphones
File Formats PNG still images and MPEG-4 video (both saved at 1500 x 1125 pixels)
Dimensions 30mm width x 10mm depth x 30mm height, including connector
Weight 9 grams + 4 gram Marco Lens (optional)
Material Aluminium housing
Settings Pre-selected or adjustable emissivity; max/min temperature; point, line and area temperature readings; adjustable temperature scale; adjustable colour palettes; picture-in-picture; and more
Reporting One-click report export from app. Saved as a Word document so you can edit or send as-is.
Product Identifiers InfiRay P2 Pro - Android, iOS, Android + Macro Lens, iOS + Macro Lens
Further Details Datasheet (PDF), User Manual (PDF)
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from Reduction Revolution?

We're experts in thermal imaging, and we've been in business for over ten years. We offer:

  • Local Stock - we ship InfiRay P2 Pro from our warehouse in Sydney.
  • Fast Shipping - see our checkout for an Express Post option.
  • GST Included - you'll receive a Tax Invoice via email when you order from us, and our prices include GST.
  • 2-Year Warranty - we offer a minimum two-year warranty on all products we sell.

Does it work with a phone case?

Yes, the InfiRay P2 Pro can still plug into your phone with a case installed. The connector allows for a few millimetre gap between the phone and the P2 Pro's body.

Can it work with iPhone 15 & other Apple devices with a USB-C port?

Yes, but you will require an official Lighting to USB-C adapter for the iPhone Lightning connector version (coming soon).

What other thermal cameras do you sell?

See our complete range of thermal imaging cameras for more options, including high-end professional units.

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