LED Oyster Light Fittings

Types Of Oyster Lights

There are three main types of Oyster lights:

1) Light Bulb Oyster Lights. The simplest type have a glass or plastic cover with one or two light bulbs sockets inside. If you have an oyster light of this type, you might be able to simply upgrade the light bulbs to LED. Pay attention to the available space inside the fitting. If upgrading old light bulbs, your energy savings can be up to 90%.

2) Fluro Tube Oyster Lights. These fittings often have a T5 or T8 circular / round LED fluro tube inside them which cannot easily be upgraded to LED. Therefore, replacing the entire light fitting with an LED oyster fitting is your best bet. By doing so you can often halve the power draw for the same amount of light produced.

3) LED Oyster Lights. These are the light fittings that we sell on this page. They are the newest and most energy-efficient type of oyster light. Because they no longer use globes or tubes, they also look the best out of the three options. They produce an even diffuse light and are typically housed in a slimline fitting. Our LED oyster lights can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Where are Oyster Lights used?

Oyster lights are found just about anywhere. They are a popular ceiling lighting solution in bedrooms, kitchens and laundries. They're also often used as corridor lighting in unit blocks and office buildings.

How do Oyster Lights compare to Downlights?

Unlike LED downlights, LED oysters are surface mounted not recessed into the ceiling. As a result of this, they tend to provide a more diffuse form of light. LED oysters will often provide sufficient lighting from a single fitting in a room where several downlights would otherwise be required.

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