Deco 2 LED Light - Tri Wattage, Dual Colour & Sensor

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Having selectable brightness levels is great if you're chasing power savings or if you need to brighten an area. Hands down the most versatile light I have installed. - Peter V. (Verified Buyer)

Fully Adjustable LED Oyster Light

The Chamaeleon Deco 2 from enLighten is a versatile oyster light designed to reduce wasted energy in foyers, corridors and other building common areas. There is also an emergency battery backup version for use in fire stairs and elsewhere. Here are some of its unique features:

Tri Wattage - Three Brightness Options. Choose between 8W, 11W, or 16W LED brightness levels to suit your particular requirements.

Dual Colour - Selectable Colour Temperature. Similar to the brightness levels, each sensor oyster light includes a colour temperature selector. Choose between warm white (3000K) or neutral/cool white (4000K).

Sensor - Configurable Daylight & Motion Sensor. Each light fitting includes a daylight sensor and motion sensor. You can configure these in various ways to reduce your energy consumption whilst maximising safety and accessibility.

enlighten Chamaeleon Deco 2

Chamaeleon Deco 2 oyster light with sensor - looks great & saves energy.

Guaranteed Long Lifetime. The Chamaeleon Deco 2 is designed to operate for 60,000 hours and includes a 5 Year Warranty.

Weatherproof & Impact Ratings. The sensor oyster light carries an IP44 water-resistance rating (suitable for use in toilets, bathrooms and under the eaves). It also has an IK10 impact resistance making it ideal for public spaces and shared areas in strata buildings.

Chamaeleon Deco 2 Features

Key Deco 2 Features.

How This LED Oyster Light Saves Energy

The Deco 2 has a range of settings that you can adjust at installation or later on. The 'dip switches' that control these settings are accessible under the diffuser (twist off to remove).

In addition to colour temperature and wattage, here are some of the other adjustment options:

  • Detection Range - can be reduced to 50% if you find the sensor is too easily triggered.
  • Daylight Sensor - if activated, the light will remain off when there is sufficient natural light. You can even adjust the light level at which the light will turn off (25 lux, 75 lux or 150 lux).
  • Hold Time - how long the light remains on after motion is no longer detected (5s, 1min, 5min, 10min).
  • Standby Time - how long the light stays on at its standby level before turning off (0s, 10min, 30min, Infinity).
  • Standby Level - the level of light output when in standby mode (10% or 25%).

How the Chamaeleon Deco 2 Works

How the Deco 2 sensor light works.

Specifications - Deco 2 LED Oyster Light

Fitting Type Ceiling or wall-mounted complete oyster light fitting
Power Consumption 16W (reduceable to 11W or 8W with internal switch)
Standby Mode Power 2W at 10% brightness
Voltage 220 - 240V
Battery Backup No - see here
Lifetime 60,000 hours
Colour Temperature Warm White 3000K or Neutral White 4000K (selectable by internal switch)
Light Output 1,500 lumens (1,000 or 700 lumens when power levels are reduced)
Sensor Type Microwave motion sensor and daylight sensor
Sensing Distance
Approx 8m
Dimming Sensor-based step dimming (full, standby, or off modes - details in the installation guide)
Ratings IP44 (water-resistant) and IK10 (highest level of impact resistance)
Material Polycarbonate body and cover (diffuser)
Dimensions 335mm (diameter) by 63mm (depth)
Weight 1.3kg
Installation Installation by an electrician. 3 wire terminal block for electrical connection inside unit (see installation instructions below for details).
Product Identifiers D2-CHAM, enLighten Chamaeleon or Chameleon Deco 2 Standard
Further Documentation Datasheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF), and IES file for lighting designers
Warranty 5 Years

Enlighten Deco 2 Dimensions

What other options are available?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
looks great


Clayton Gieseler

I had this installed in a Patio/BBQ area & it provides good bright light.
There is an excellent amount of adjustment for on time, movement detection
& light colour/brightness.
It did take a couple of goes at getting the correct movement sensitivity setting
but after that it was spot on.
A very versatile light & highly recommended.

Simple, modern, bright, versatile sensor lights

I don’t know how long they will last but this sensor light is versatile & allows a few good computations. Instruction leaflet was easy to help install & set up. Adjustments can be easily made after Instal by electrician. Impressed.

Shelley E
Look good but I can't get the motion sensor to work properly

I got two of these lights. One is in the carport and the other at the front door. They look good and give good light. The electrician programmed them at installation and when I walk past the lounge windows (I am inside) the sensor picks up the movement and the carport light comes on. The one at the front door comes on and goes off at will. I don't know why. I've had to turn both lights off at the wall and just use them as normal switched lights as they don't work in my situation. I can't adjust the sensor as (1) the electrician threw away the diagram and (2) getting up a ladder with vertigo is a recipe for disaster. It's a shame I can't get the full benefit of the lights. I would suggest they are better suited in a commercial situation or a large area where the full value of the motion sensor can be realised.
As I am unable to fully utilise their functionality I have only given them 3 stars, but my thought is, in the right environment, they would rate higher. However I don't know so I can't say.

Hi Shelley, thanks for the review and sorry to hear about the issue with one of your lights. The installation guide (including sensor programming) is available as a PDF on our website. If your light is faulty we will replace it. We will be in touch directly with more info.

Wendy Scott-Buchanan
Great Product

Very happy with our purchase and can highly recommend

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