Ledvance Tri Colour LED Oyster Light

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Size: 13W (250mm)
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An LED Oyster Light With a Selectable Colour Temperature

This surface-mount LED oyster ceiling light fitting has the following benefits:

  • Up to 75% Energy Savings - Replace old oyster light fittings that use bulbs or circular fluro tubes.
  • Selectable Colour Temperature - Choose from Warm White 3000K, Cool White 4000K or Daylight 5000K using a switch on the light fitting.
  • Four Size Options - Select your preferred size and brightness on this page.

Tri Colour LED Oyster Light

Choose a colour temperature using the switch located behind the diffuser.

Unlike old-fashioned oyster lights, this LED Oyster light does not require a separate tube or bulb. The light source and fitting are combined into one integrated unit. Once installed, it is maintenance-free as there are no tubes or bulbs to replace. The diffuser (cover) easily twists off for cleaning too!

Choose a Size & Wattage

This Tri Colour LED Oyster Light comes in several size options. If you're replacing an old light, measure the diameter first, then select your preferred size accordingly:

  • 250mm (25cm) diameter = 13W
  • 300mm (30cm) diameter = 15W
  • 350mm (35cm) diameter = 18W
  • 400mm (40cm) diameter = 24W

If you'd like to increase the brightness in a room, choose a higher wattage option. For a comparison with existing lighting technologies, see our frequency-asked questions section below.

Specifications - Tri Colour LED Oyster Light

Power Usage 13W, 15W, 18W, 24W
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Fitting Type Surface-mounted ceiling oyster light
Colour Temperature Selectable on light fitting - Warm White 3000K, Cool White 4000K, or Daylight 5000K
Beam Angle 120˚
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Light Output 1,235 lm (13W), 1,425 lm (15W), 1,620 lm (18W), 2,160 lm (24W)
Dimmable No
Protection IP20 (indoor use)
Dimensions 13W - 250mm (diameter) x 88mm (depth)
15W - 300mm x 105mm
18W - 350mm x 110mm
24W - 400mm x 120mm
Weight 0.31kg (250mm), 0.43kg (300mm), 0.53kg (350mm), 0.68kg (400mm)
Carton Quantity 5 units - this listing is for 1 unit
Material White steel body with Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) acrylic cover.
Installation Installation by an electrician. Three wire terminal block for electrical connection is accessible under the cover / diffuser.
Product Identifiers Ledvance / Osram LED Value Ceiling Tri Colour Oyster Light; 4058075207509, 4058075207523, 4058075207547, 4058075207561
Further Details Specifications: 13W, 15W, 18W, 24W (PDF); Install Guide (PDF).
Warranty 3 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What size & brightness LED Oyster should I choose?

These LED oyster lights are used in both residential and commercial lighting fit-outs.

Replacing existing oyster lights. In this case, selecting the same - or slightly larger - diameter as you already have is often best. This ensures the new light fitting will cover any marks left on the ceiling by the old fitting.

Installing oyster lights in a new area. The 13W or 15W fittings are generally suitable for small bedrooms, storage areas, or corridors. The 18W or 24W lights are used where higher brightness is required (study, laundry, kitchen, dining room, lounge, family room, open plan living area, etc). Roughly speaking, you are looking at:

  • 13W LED = 20W Fluorescent = 75W Incandescent Bulb
  • 15W LED = 30W Fluorescent = 100W Incandescent Bulb
  • 18W LED = 40W Fluroresent = 120W Incandescent Bulb
  • 24W LED = 50W Fluorescent = 150W Incandescent Bulb

Do you sell a dimmable LED Oyster?

Yes - see our dimmable LED oyster light.

What other options do you have?

See our complete range of oyster lights and LED light bulbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Teresa Althorpe
LED Oyster Lights

A fabulous product. Have now purchased 18 lights.


Excellent product, replaced an old 32w fluo and the difference is astounding.

Joanne Byrne
Brilliant product - highly recommend


Kel York

Easy to order, prompt delivery, fair price. Too soon to say how well the product will perform.

Heather Mackinlay
Impressive LED Lighting.

Should have replaced old-fashioned hanging lightfittings ages ago.....not only gives my choice of ' colour' but looks so much neater and brighter. Thank you, found you by accident, but will definitely recommend!

Peter L
Great light

I'm very happy with these lights, choice of light colours is great and at the right price.

Bruce and Doreen Sherwood
Ledvance Tri Colour LED Oyster Light

This is a very good product.

hua guan

Ledvance Tri Colour LED Oyster Light

Nick Massimissa

Ledvance Tri Colour LED Oyster Light

steven hlinka

Ledvance Tri Colour LED Oyster Light

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