LED Light Bulbs, Candles, & Globes

LED light bulbs are now available in just about every size and shape imaginable. There are two main things to consider when purchasing an LED light globe: its base, and shape.

Types of Light Bulb & Light Globe Bases

Common light bulb bases include:

  • Edison Screw - often marked ES or E27 on the box or globe.
  • Bayonet Cap - BC or B22.
  • Small Edison Screw - SES or E14.
  • Small Bayonet Cap - SBC or B15.
  • Large (or Giant) Edison Screw - GES or E40.
  • R7s - linear light bulb in 118mm or 78mm length.
  • PL Lights - 2 Pin or 4 Pin variants.
  • G4 - 12V capsule light bulb.
  • G9 - 240V capsule light bulb.
  • See also our downlight range for more details on MR16, MR11, AR111 & GU10 downlight bulbs.

Light Globe, Bulb & Candle Shapes

Common light globe shapes include:

  • A Series - this is the classic light bulb shape. The most common type being an A60 light bulb. The '60' refers to the diameter of the bulb in millimetres. These light globes are also known as GLS (General Lighting Service) bulbs.
  • G Series - these are more of a round/spherical shape than the A-series. Similarly, the number refers to the bulb's diameter. For example, a G120 light globe has a diameter of 120 millimetres. Other common shapes include G85, G95, and G125.
  • R Series - reflector series lamps used to include a metal reflector. Nowadays with LED light bulbs, the reflector part is less relevant. But common shapes remain in use including R80 and R63 light bulbs. 
  • S Series - a popular shape for LED filament bulbs. Often found in ST64 or ST58 'pear shape' light bulbs.
  • T Series - similar to our LED stick bulbs in shape (previously these were typically fluorescent type bulbs).
  • PAR Series - PAR lights are another type of reflector bulb. Variants include PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38.
  • Candle Lights - candle shape bulbs often found in chandeliers.
  • Capsule Lights - including those with a G4, G9 or GY6.35 base as mentioned above. 

LED Light Bulb Replacements

We stock a wide range of light bulb replacements. Once you know the base and shape described above, finding an LED equivalent is easy.

Our LED light bulbs can be used in your existing light fittings. Even if the old light bulbs were halogen, incandescent, or compact fluorescent (CFL).

LED light globes draw substantially less power than old lights. As such, they cost less to run and produce less heat. As an added bonus they are less toxic (no mercury) and last far longer than old fashioned light bulbs.

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