Philips R7s LED Dimmable (118mm)

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Wattage: 14W (120W)
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High Brightness 118mm R7s Light Globes

The Philips 118mm R7s LED is a high-quality lamp that can replace conventional R7s linear halogen bulbs.

Two Size Options - Choose between 14W (2,000 lumens) and 17.5W (2,460 lumens).

High Efficiency - Save over 85% on electricity costs and slash heat generation compared to halogen bulbs.

Long Lasting - Reduce replacement and maintenance costs with a 15-year design life (based on three hours of usage per day).

Quality Design - The robust metal construction of these R7s lamps ensures optimal heat dissipation and extended LED lifespan compared to other designs. The offset pins provide maximum compatibility across various types of fittings.

Easy Installation - Designed for 118mm (11.8cm) double-ended R7s fittings, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade.

Philips R7s LED Globes 118mm

Choose between 14W & 17.5W. Note that the pins are offset to one side to fit in existing light fittings.

Replace Linear Halogens With LED

118mm R7s light bulbs are found in uplights, floodlights, and other specialist light fittings. They are often referred to as linear halogen lights, or more technically, J118, R7 or R7s globes.

Old linear halogen bulbs typically range from 100W to 500W. These Philips R7s LEDs are designed to replace 120W and 150W linear halogens, but they are often suitable for much higher wattages.

Customers have used these LEDs to replace linear halogens using as much as 500W. If you have a higher wattage fitting, we recommend you test them out and review the results.

Specifications - Philips R7s 118mm LED

Fitting Type R7s 118mm (J118)
Power Usage 14W or 17.5W
Equivalent Wattage 120W or 150W+
Voltage 220-240V AC
Lifetime 15,000 hours
Colour Temperature 3000K Warm White
Light Output 2,000 lumens (14W); 2,460 lumens (17.5W)
Dimmable Yes
Dimensions 14W: 118mm (long) x 29mm (at widest point)
17.5W: 118mm (long) x 42mm (at widest point)
Weight 95 grams (14W); 160 grams (17.5W)
Installation Works with existing 118mm wide R7s fittings; self-installation, no electrician required
Product Identifiers Philips LED 14-120W / 17.5-150W R7S 118mm 830 Dimmable AU; 929001353679, 929002016679
Further Details Datasheets: 14W, 17.5W (PDF)
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use them in non-dimmable light fittings?

Yes - you can use them in dimmable or non-dimmable light fittings.

What other options do you sell?

See all R7s LED bulbs for some other options. We also sell LED floodlights and other light fittings if you require a complete fixture replacement.

Will the 118mm R7s LED fit in my light fitting?

The connections at each end are offset to one side, so you can still fit them into most existing light fittings. Choose the 14W option if your fitting is space-constrained. In some light fittings (like uplights), you can leave the glass cover off to maximise available space and airflow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tim Macartney
Great Customer Service

Had a globe we purchased for a job fail and Reudction Revolution sent a replacement very quickly.

Peter Wood

Product as described. The fullness of time will show where the 'bulb' life is what is claimed.

Ken D
LED 118mm Bulb

Good advice prior to purchase and quick delivery. Great product, without the "hum" or "flicker" predicted by other experts. Very satisfied, they just work as intended.

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