Philips Master LED MR16 6.5W Dimmable

345 reviews

Pack Size: Single Bulb
Colour Temperature: Warm White 2700K
Angle: 60˚ Beam
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The Easiest Way to Upgrade Your Downlight Globes

The Philips Master LED MR16 is designed to work with your existing downlight fittings, transformers, and dimmer switches (if present).

All you need to do is swap the globes.

Compared to an old halogen MR16 downlight bulb, you'll get:

  • An 85% reduction in energy usage and cost,
  • Equivalent or higher brightness,
  • An incredible 25-year expected lifetime when used for four hours per day.

Trusted Philips Quality - Over 10 Years in The Making

Over the last ten years, Philips has improved the efficiency and features of this product. It now sports its lowest-ever energy usage, highest brightness, and best colour rendition.

Philips MR16 LED Bulb Old Models vs New Model

We only sell the latest Philips Master LED MR16 6.5W - the 'New Model' pictured above.

The new model has a much cleaner design than previous versions. Furthermore, it has a higher colour rendition index (CRI) of 90, compared to 80 on the older models. A higher CRI means they produce a much higher quality of light.

Choose Your Preferred Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature describes the colour of the light produced by the downlight bulb. Use the description and graphic below to make your choice.

Warm White 2700K - This is a popular choice because it's a true warm white, just like an old-fashioned halogen MR16 bulb.

Warm White 3000K - This is a slightly whiter and brighter colour and is our best-selling variant. We recommend this option if you are unsure which to choose.

Cool White 4000K - This is closer to daylight or a fluorescent tube in the colour it produces. Some customers prefer this colour to achieve maximum brightness.

Select the Best Beam Angle

Beam Angle refers to the angle of light emitted from the MR16 LED. There are two beam angles to choose from:

60˚ (Wide Beam) - For regular ceilings or where lights are spaced further apart. This is the most popular choice, and we recommend it for most situations.

36˚ (Narrow Beam) - For high ceilings or where lights are installed quite close together. It is also used in accent lighting, for example, to light up a painting or artwork.

This graphic shows the light spread at floor level of the two different beam angles for a ceiling height of 2.7m.

Specifications - Philips MR16 LED GU5.3 Globe

Fitting Type GU5.3, MR16
Power Usage 6.5 Watts (equivalent to 35W/50W halogen)
Voltage 12V AC or 12V DC
Lifetime 40,000 hours (rated for 25 years)
Colour Temperature 2700K (warm white), 3000K (bright warm white) or 4000K (cool white)
Beam Angle 36˚ or 60°
Light Output 500 lm (2700K & 3000K), 530 lm (4000K)
Dimmable Yes
Colour Rendering Index 90
Dimensions 50.5mm (width) x 46.5mm (depth)
Weight 60 grams
Installation Retrofit, self-install
Product Identifiers Philips Master LEDspot LV MR16 6.5-50W 927 / 930 / 940 MR16 36D / 60D Dim; 929003072208, 929003072308, 929003072408, 929003075908, 929003076008, 929003076108 (Philips part numbers)
Further Details Brochure and Datasheet (PDF)
Warranty 3 Years

Philips Master LED MR16 6.5W Dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Philips MR16 LED

Will it work on non-dimmable circuits?

It works on dimmable and non-dimmable circuits (with and without dimmers installed).

Will the MR16 LED work with my transformer?

It works with the vast majority of existing transformers. This includes old 'iron-core' transformers and the newer 'electronic' variety.

Will the MR16 LED work with my dimmer?

It has extensive dimmer compatibility. Should you encounter a problem with your dimmer, there are several solutions available, such as:

  1. Leaving one halogen bulb in the circuit to increase the load, or
  2. Replacing the dimmer with one that is known to work with LEDs (such as this LED dimmer), or
  3. Removing the dimmer switch.

Does it work with specialist lighting systems such as C-Bus?

We've received good feedback from customers using the Philips Master LEDs in their C-Bus wired homes and businesses. However, if you use a specialist lighting control system like this, we recommend buying several globes to test out before undertaking a complete upgrade.

    Will it fit in my existing downlight fitting?

    Yes, it mimics the shape of halogen bulbs almost exactly. If you have cause for concern, double-check the dimensions graphic above, and buy a few to try out first.

    What other options are available?

    See our LED downlights page for complete fitting upgrades, replacement transformers, LED dimmers, and more.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 345 reviews
    Theo Loog

    Easy to install nice bright lighting. Will save approx $150 per annum on a outlay of $180. Worth the effort.

    Eddie Hayes
    Value, Quality, Price

    I’ll use you again as you lived up to your promise by providing exactly what I needed on time and competitively priced.

    matthew Smith
    Amazing lights!

    I bought two at first to make sure they were compatible with my electronic transformers and they worked perfectly. I bought another fourteen for the remaining fittings and each one also works perfectly. They are slightly brighter than the 35 watt halogen I had. The 3000k colour temperature is a near perfect match to the previous halogen lights to the point where I can’t tell the difference. I am extremely happy with these lights.

    Reliable seller and product

    This is the third batch of Philips LED master series I have purchased. I have always been happy with the fair price, the speed of delivery and the product

    Chris C
    Brilliant drop-in replacement for halogens

    This is exactly what has been missing for years - something that can be popped into an existing 50W halogen downlight fitting without needing an electrician to come in and install new transformers etc. The light itself is good, decent spread (no spotlight effect) and works with a traditional (existing) dimmer switch. They do flicker a little at the lower dimmer levels - I guess something that the other LEDs that require new transformers deal with.

    Silvester Chiang

    Order filled quickly. Excellent after sale support

    craig stewart
    Very good


    Phil Padget

    Philips Master LED MR16 6.5W Dimmable

    Paul H.
    Excellent advice,service & product !

    Thank you for your 1st class advice & service - the Philips Master LED MR16’s are replacing the existing 1st generation Philips lamps & do the job perfectly !


    Extremely prompt delivery of products that are difficult to find in retail stores

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