Philips Master LED MR16 6.5W Dimmable


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STOCK ALERT! The 3000K / 60˚ variant is on back order, due to dispatch late October. All other variants are in stock.

Quality MR16 LED - Halogen Downlight Replacement

The Philips Master LED MR16 6.5 Watt is a direct replacement for all 12V MR16 downlights.

Here's why we think it's the best retro-fit MR16 LED bulb on the market:

  • Same brightness as 50 Watt halogens (85%+ energy savings).
  • Works in both dimmable and non-dimmable fittings.
  • Designed to work with all existing transformers.
  • You can replace them yourself - no electrician required.

Step 1 - Choose Your Preferred MR16 LED Colour

  • 2700K - a true warm white (just like a halogen)
  • 3000K - a slightly whiter and brighter * Most Popular *
  • 4000K - a cool white (more like a fluro tube)

Colour temperature: see the drop-down menu at the top of this page to make your choice.

Step 2 - Select the Right MR16 LED Beam Angle

  • 60˚ (wide beam) - for regular ceilings or where lights are spaced further apart * Most Popular *
  • 36˚ (narrow beam) - for high ceilings or where lights are close together

Beam Angle Comparison Between 36˚ and 60˚ MR16 LED
Beam angle: see the drop-down menu at the top of this page to make your selection.

An MR16 LED From a Brand That You Can Trust

There are many MR16 LED's on the market that simply do not deliver. They often don't last very long, have limited colour options, and aren't compatible with most transformers, to name just a few.

Here's what one of our customers had to say:

"I have tried some other LED bulbs from Bunnings, Masters and Kogan and had trouble with flickering etc. The Philips bulbs you supplied me are great: no flicker, bright light better than the halogens they replaced. Thanks."

- Craig (Queensland)

You can find many more customer reviews at the bottom of this page.

Just Swap the MR16 Globe - No Electrician Required

Once your Philips Master LED's have arrived, all you need to do is swap the globes.

These lights will work with your existing fittings, dimmer switches, and transformers. In very rare cases they may not work properly with some transformer + dimmer combinations. If this happens, please see our troubleshooting advice in the 'FAQ' section below.

Get the Very Latest MR16 LED!

Don't waste your money on older generations of this product still being offloaded by other retailers. The newest model (that we sell) has a lower profile and even higher light output than the previous versions.

Philips MR16 LED Bulb Old Models vs New Model

'New Model' now available in all variants!

The new model which we stock no longer has a protrusion off the front. As such, the black colour is no longer visible once in the light fitting. Furthermore, it has a higher colour rendition index (CRI) of 90, compared to 80 on some older models. A higher CRI means they produce a much higher quality of light.

Specifications - Dimmable MR16 LED GU5.3 Globe

Fitting Type GU5.3, MR16
Power Consumption 6.5 Watts (equivalent to 35W/50W halogen)
Voltage 12V AC or 12V DC
Lifetime 40,000 hours (rated for 25 years)
Colour Temperature 2700K (warm white), 3000K (bright warm white) or 4000K (cool white)
Beam Angle 36˚ or 60°
Light Output 500 lm (2700K & 3000K), 530 lm (4000K)
Dimmable Yes
Colour Rendering Index 90 (latest stock)
Dimensions 50.5mm (width) x 46.5mm (depth)
Weight 60 grams
Installation Retrofit, self-install
3 Years
Product Identifiers Philips Master LEDspot LV MR16 6.5-50W 927 / 930 / 940 MR16 36D / 60D Dim; 929003072208, 929003072308, 929003072408, 929003075908, 929003076008, 929003076108 (Philips part numbers); 8719514357877, 8719514357914, 8719514357952, 8719514357990, 8719514357010, 8719514357034 (Barcodes).
Further Documentation Brochure and Datasheet (PDF, 2.9MB)

Frequently Asked Questions - Philips MR16 LED

Will it work on non-dimmable circuits?

Yes, it works on both dimmable and non-dimmable circuits (with and without dimmers installed).

Will the MR16 LED work with my transformer?

Yes, it works with the vast majority of existing transformers (old and new).

Will the MR16 LED work with my dimmer?

Yes, it has very wide dimmer compatibility. Should there be a problem with your dimmer, there are several solutions available, such as:

  1. Leaving one halogen bulb in the circuit to bring up the load, or
  2. Using the 'Clipsal Load Correction Device' for Clipsal dimmers, or
  3. Replacing the dimmer with one that is known to work with LEDs (such as this LED Dimmer), or
  4. Removing the dimmer switch.

Does the Philips LED MR16 work with C-Bus systems?

We've received good feedback from customers using the Master 7W on their C-Bus wired homes & businesses. But there's a wide variety of cbus dimmers & system designs so you may wish to try a few globes first before undertaking a full upgrade.

How do I calculate light spread?

Here's how to calculate the light spread diameter at floor level (in metres) for any ceiling height:

  • 36 degree bulb: ceiling height (in metres) x 0.650
  • 60 degree bulb: ceiling height (in metres) x 1.155

Will it fit in my existing downlight fitting?

Yes, in fact, we have not found hardly any MR16 fittings that it does not fit into! Check the dimensions graphic, and buy a few to try our first, if you are unsure.

Do you have a complete list of old MR16 LED part numbers?

As there have been about seven generations of this product, it is a little hard to provide a complete list. You can rest assured that we only carry the very latest stock. See current part numbers in the specs table above.

What other options are available?

See our LED downlights page for full fitting upgrades, replacement transformer, LED dimmers, and more.

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