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Mains Voltage Dimmer Optimised for LED Lighting

The Diginet MEDM LED Dimmer is a dedicated LED dimmer designed to achieve smooth, low range dimming down to just 2W of power.

This is unlike old dimmers which typically only have a minimum load of 20W or 50W and therefore often do not work well in conjunction with energy-saving LED lights.

Key features: 

  • Fits Australian wall switch plate apertures.
  • Minimum load rating of 2W.
  • Mechanically adjustable max/min level.
  • An integrated ON LED indicator.
  • Includes filtering to reduce load brightness variation under conditions of line voltage ripple signal injection. Translation: unlike other dimmers it is designed to minimise flicker when off peak hot water is switched on across the electricity grid.

This Diginet LED Dimmer is known to work on a range of dimmable LED lights.

Although optimised for LED lighting loads, this dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamps types such as incandescent lamps, 12V halogen (dichroic) lamps /transformers and CFL’s.

    LED Dimmer - Installation Guide & Wiring Diagram

    This product must be installed by a licensed electrician:

    • Disconnect power to the circuit at the main switchboard.
    • Remove existing switch (and dimmer if present) from wall.
    • Connect the new LED dimmer in accordance with the wiring diagrams shown below.
    • Refit switch plate to wall and reconnect power.
    • Turn switch on and check dimming range by turning rotary dial through the range.

    LED Dimmer Wiring

    One-way Wiring Diagram

    LED Dimmer Wiring Diagram

    Two-way Wiring Diagram

    How to Tune The Diginet LED Dimmer

    The Diginet LED dimmer includes a feature which allows the minimum dimming level to be set. To achieve this, install the dimmer and connect the required lighting loads, as described above, then follow these steps:

    Diginet LED Dimmer Tuning

    Specifications - Diginet MEDM LED Dimmer

    Power Range 2-400W (see data sheet below for details)
    Voltage 220-240 V AC
    Thermal Overload Protection Yes
    Short Circuit Protection Yes
    Switch Plate Suitability All leading brands
    Control Rotary dial (separate on/off switch required)
    Dimensions 22mm (width) x 41mm (depth excluding dial)
    Weight 27 grams
    Installation Should be installed by an electrician
    Product Identifiers Diginet MEDM LEDsmart Adaptive Phase Dimmer (product title); 9346051003630 (barcode).
    Further Documentation Data Sheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)

    Does this LED Dimmer include an on/off switch?

    No. This 'MEDM' LED Dimmer requires a separate on/off switch to be used on your wall plate. 

    We also sell the 'MMDM/RT' model which is an LED dimmer with integrated on/off light switch (ie. you push the dial to switch the light on or off).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Diginet Rotary LED Dimmer

    Great dimmer at a reasonable price!
    I'm using it in line with 2 separate switchable 10.5W LED lamps and it works smoothly down to nothing without any flicker and no change of brightness when I switch in or out any of the loads. Had to deepen my architrave cut-out to accommodate this dimmer.

    Naveen R.
    Good product

    Good product

    Gary W.
    Dimmer review

    Works well at all brightness levels for the 2 led light circuits these are installed on - nominally 24 and 48 W max load - 2 and 4 downlights.

    Chien H.
    Good quality as description.

    Good quality as description.

    Vincent Y.
    Works just great!

    Works just great!

    Neil H.
    Fixed the issue

    Fixed the noise problem with the old dimmers. Well done.

    Bob B.
    Does the trick!

    Dimming LEDs can be difficult at the best of times. I have used these little units in three different applications now and they work well.

    Greg B.
    A gamble using these with iron core transformers

    The specs say these are compatible with transformers but only after buying did I find that some older transformers are incompatible. Mine caused flickering at max level. Seems to work with other LEDs and drivers but not transformers with Philips MR16 LED replacements.

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