Diginet Rotary LED Dimmer With On/Off Switch

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Great Dimmer Switch for LED Lights

This Australian-designed LED dimmer lets you dim and switch lights from one dial. It's simple to operate but packed with features. This includes the ability to control a light from several different dimmer switches in the same room. Additional features include:

  • Suits retrofit or new dimmable LED lighting installs.
  • Intuitive: twist to dim, push to switch on & off.
  • 0-100% dimming range on most LED lights.
  • Clever controls like Quick Flick to jump to full brightness.
  • Wake & sleep timers - double tap to dim up or down over 30 minutes.
  • Illuminated halo ring on the dial with customisable colours.
  • Suitable for one-way, two-way, three-way, and multi-way dimming.

Just want a rotary LED dimmer, no on/off switch? See our popular Diginet MEDM Dimmer.

Why Electricians Love This LED Light Dimmer

There are many dimmers in the market, including plenty of cheaper options. But electricians need dimmers that offer broad compatibility, precise control and reliable operation. The Diginet MMDM/RT delivers this with flexible installation and adjustability during setup. Installer friendly features include:

  • Fits Australian wall switch plate apertures.
  • No separate mechanical light switch usually required.
  • Active only two-wire connection, no neutral needed.
  • Programmable brightness range (high and low).
  • Option to set a default dim level (memory dimmer mode).
  • Control how the indicator light behaves in setup.
  • Dim low power LED lights with as little as 1W load.
  • Control up to 400W of dimmable LED lights.
  • Optimised for LED, but also compatible with incandescent, halogen dichroic and compact fluorescent CFLs.
  • MultiMate technology allows multi-way dimming without extra wiring (for lighting on a common circuit).

Diginet Dial Dimmer with Push Switch Kit Components

Each dimmer comes with two dial sizes, multiple dial rings to customise colour & a terminal block for fast wiring.

How LEDSmart+ MultiMate Technology Works

MultiMate is Diginet Control System's name for multi-way dimming without the complication of new wiring. It solves a common lighting conundrum:

Where to put the dimmer?

With conventional dimming, a bedroom's overhead lights might be controlled with a dimmer by the door and light switches near the bed. Standard dimmers don't function well together on the same lighting circuit. So you have to choose one location for the dimmer and simple switches elsewhere.

With MultiMate, you have full control over your lights from any dimmer connected to it in the room. See the example below: 

Multi-way bedroom example: dim and switch the same lighting from each dimmer switch. No need to get out of bed! 

Specifications - Diginet MMDM/RT LED Dimmer Switch

Power Range 1-400W (see data sheet below for details)
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Switch Plate Suitability All leading brands (Clipsal 30M style, see images for an examples)
Dimming Control Rotary dial to adjust brightness
On/Off Control Single push inward for on/off.
Programmable Functions Minimum & maximum brightness, dimmer memory, MultiMate on/off, LED indicator behaviour, disable push button (if a separate switch is present), kick start mode
Dimming Range 0-100% for most LED lights
Dimensions 22mm x 24mm x 52mm (depth excluding dial)
Weight 27 grams
Installation Installation by electrician, for retrofit or new install
Warranty 2 years
Product Identifiers Pierlite GLG Diginet MMDM/RT LEDsmart+ Rotary Dimmer with built-in on / off switch and multi-way control (product description); 9319250620038 (barcode).
Further Details Data Sheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF), Full Setup Mode Guide (PDF)

Diginet MMDM/RT LEDSmart+ Dimensions

Dimensions of Diginet LED Dimmer with dial and push button on/off switch. Illustrated with dial removed.

The installation for multi-way dimming is straightforward for electricians to wire in. New cables don't need to be run if the light and all dimmer switches are on the same circuit. The diagram below shows how three Diginet Rotary Dimmer Switches can be wired to control a single light connection:

Multi-way dimmer wiring example: three dimmers independently control a common light fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this dimmer fit Clipsal Iconic light switch wall plates?

No, it is not compatible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great dimmer, LED a bit bright

Lots of features, great that it comes with different coloured bands and 2 dimmer sizes. Also seems to be one of the most compatible dimmers from what I've read online. Would just be great if you could adjust the LED brightness on the dimmer rather than just have it on or off, I find the light leaks a little bit and it’s a bit bright at night.

Ethan Harley

Does the job - configured to turn off backlight in switch

Michael Griffies
Smooth operation and no flickering.

Easy installation with active only wiring and saves space in a crowded switch unit as it combines both switch and dimmer.


Great product that is easy to install and use with existing single gang plates. Great price from Reduction Revolution.

David Stefanovic

Well made product

Worked as described

Had issues with other dimmers set up as a two way switch/dimmer, two of these fixed the issues. A few extra steps to configure, but not hard to do and well worth the flexibility.

Kyle B
Outstanding product.

Easy retrofit into existing light fittings, and simple to setup and use. Very well designed product.

Awesome little dimmer

Easy to install. Intuitive to operate. Worked flawlessly.

Chris Park
Great dimmer

This is a great push button dimmer. Highly programmable. Dims down to lights off. Does everything I want. Only problem was deciphering the programming sequence. Took half an hour before I got it right. Not quite how it was described in the manual. Or maybe just my interpretation. There is no 1 sec delay between each click. Just click, click, click to the correct setting number then wait the 1 sec.

Best LED dimmer yet!

Well-designed, operates smoothly over whole range, no flicker - perfect!

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