Philips G4 LED Bulb 2.1W Dimmable

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Quick & Easy G4 Light Bulb Upgrade

This Philips G4 LED bulb provides bright and long-lasting illumination while consuming only a fraction of the energy of old G4 bulbs.

Energy Efficient. This G4 LED bulb consumes only 2.1 watts of power. It delivers the same brightness as a 20W halogen bulb, reducing your energy consumption by up to 90%. Save on your electricity bills while enjoying the same or improved light levels.

Long Lasting. The Philips G4 globe offers an impressive lifespan of up to 15,000 hours, significantly outlasting traditional halogen bulbs. With its low maintenance and reduced need for replacements, this G4 LED provides greater convenience and cost savings over time.

Easy Installation. Simply plug the two pins into your existing G4 socket, and enjoy an instant lighting upgrade. With a total length of just 4cm, this light bulb is compatible with most G4 fixtures.

Dimmable. This Philips G4 LED light bulb can be used with or without a dimmer switch.

Specifications - Philips G4 LED Bulb Dimmable

Power Usage 2.1W (equivalent to 20W)
Light Output 210 lumens
Fitting Type G4
Voltage 12V
Lifetime 15,000 hours
Colour Temperature Warm White (2700K)
Beam Angle 300˚
Dimmable Yes
Dimensions 40mm long (including pins) by 15mm diameter
Weight 10 grams
Installation Self-installation
Product Identifiers Philips CorePro LEDcapsule LV 2.1-20W G4 827 D; 929002389402
Further Details Data Sheet (PDF)
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a G4 light bulb?

G4 light bulbs are compact, capsule-shaped halogen or LED lamps with a two-pin base. The base has two metal pins that are 4mm apart, hence the name "G4".

Where are G4 LED globes used?

G4 bi-pin light bulbs operate off a low-voltage (12V) power supply. You can find them in light fittings such as range hoods, step lights, under-cabinet lights, decorative lights, and desk lamps. Owing to their low-voltage design, they're also often found in landscape lighting, boats, caravans and motorhomes.

Will it fit in my G4 light fitting?

Please check the dimensions before purchasing if your fitting is small or space-constrained. If in doubt, we recommend you buy one or two to test out in your fittings before purchasing a more significant number.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Replacing a Philips G4 10w halogen

It would not fit in my small down light fitting because it was too big to fit. I’m still searching for a replacement Light fitting in LED no luck so far

bright but bulkier than original

A great bright bulb with a nice light. Only just fits as a replacement in our range hood and sits down further than the old bulb in the open horizontal fitting. This works ok in our use as the light is predominantly emitted perpendicular to the plug rather than out the top (which is towards user in our range hood). Definitely a bulb that will only suit some replacement applications.

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