Osram LED Filament ST64 Bulb E27 7W Dimmable


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Replace ST64 Light Bulbs With LED 

This ST64 'pear-shaped' LED filament bulb from Osram can replace less visually appealing & energy-intensive alternatives. It features:

  • True warm white - incandescent-like colour temperature (2500K).
  • Looks great on or off - distinctive pear-shaped globe with amber tinted glass.
  • Dimmable - with most existing dimmers.
  • Also available as a large / round G125 globe.

ST64 LED Filament Lights

Osram ST64 LED lamp pictured in a pendant light fitting.

ST64 LED Filament Lamp Benefits

15,000 hour rating - long and reliable runtime, ensuring peace of mind, especially for lighting in hard to access areas. 

Retro look and feel - styled after old fashioned ST64 and ST58 carbon filament globes.

No hazardous materials - Osram ST64 bulbs are manufactured without any hazardous materials, making them a safe and sustainable choice.

Easy to install - they're designed to fit and work with existing E27 sockets and light fittings.

Instant-on, dimmable lighting - control the light output to set the mood and save energy as soon as you flip the switch.

Quality light output - glare-free light that is easy on the eyes. The beam of light is free of infra-red meaning no heat is radiated, and no ultra-violet light means that fabric and items under this light won't fade.

    Specifications - Osram '1906' LED ST64 Bulb Dimmable

    Cap Base E27 (ES or Edison Screw)
    Globe Shape ST64 (also fits most ST58 lights)
    Power Consumption 7W (equivalent to 55W)
    Voltage 220-240 VAC
    Lifetime 15,000 hours
    Colour Temperature 2500K (Warm White)
    Beam Angle
    Light Output 725 lumens
    Dimmable Yes, compatible with most AC dimmers
    Weight Approx. 60 grams
    Dimensions 64mm (width) x 140mm (length)
    Installation Self-install
    Product Identifiers Osram RF1906 CLAS ST64 7W, 2500K 230V E27 (manufacturer description); 4058075496545 (part number & barcode)
    Further Documentation
    Spec Sheet ST64 7.5W - now 7W (PDF)
    Warranty 3 Years

    Can I replace an ST58 bulb with this ST64 LED?

    Yes - just be aware of their minor size differences. An ST58 globe is 58mm wide, whereas this ST64 bulb is about 64mm wide. So as long as your fitting has enough room for this slightly larger size and an E27 screw base, it will work fine.

    Is this ST64 Edison bulb available with a B22 bayonet base?

    No - this exact 'ST64' shape is only available with an E27 screw base as pictured. We do, however, sell other LED filament globes with a B22 base.

    Click here to see our complete range of LED filament bulbs for more options.

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