Philips LED Bulb B22 8W With Motion Sensor

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Colour Temperature: Warm White 3000K
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A Light Bulb & Motion Sensor in One

The Philips sensor bulb is a new type of LED light with an in-built motion sensor.

  • Includes an in-built passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor.
  • Available in Warm White or Cool Daylight.
  • Uses a standard Bayonet Cap (B22) or Screw (E27) base.
  • Stays on for 60 seconds after movement is detected.

The Philips sensor light bulb only turns on after dark and if motion is detected. It has enormous energy-saving potential wherever lights are currently left switched on for hours.

LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb Operation

B22 Sensor Light Bulb - Easy to Install & Use

Unlike some other sensor lights that need an electrician, anyone can install this Philips light bulb. That's because it plugs directly into your existing bayonet (B22 or BC) light fittings.

Just plug the light bulb in and flick the light switch back on. Then you can say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark for the nearest light switch.

Energy Saving Light Globe for Safety & Security

Many properties require security lights near their entrance, under the eaves, or driveway. If not carefully managed, this type of lighting can cost a lot to operate. Additionally, 'always on' lighting does not have the same security benefits as a light that turns on when someone is in the area.

With this sensor light bulb, lighting for security or safety will only come on when it's actually needed.

LED PIR Motion Sensor range

Approximate motion dedecting distance of the Philips sensor light globe.

Motion Sensor Light Bulb Applications

The Philips sensor bulb works best in areas like passageways, stairwells, carports, porches and verandahs. You don't have to worry about switching the light on and off every time you pass through.

On the other hand, it's not appropriate for areas where people stay or sit still (like a lounge room or kitchen). In these areas you would have to keep moving for the lamp to stay on.

The Philips motion sensor light bulb only works in open fittings. The PIR sensor located at the top of the bulb needs a line-of-sight to the movement in the area. It will not work if covered or surrounded by plastic, glass or a lampshade. The LED sensor globe can be used in pendant lights and work lamps but it will only detect movement in front of where the sensor is exposed.

Suitable Sensor Light Fittings

Specifications - B22 LED Light Bulb With PIR Motion Sensor

Power Usage 8W (equivalent to 60W)
Standby Power 0.1W
Voltage 220-240V AC
Fitting Type Bayonet Cap (BC, B22)
Lifetime 15,000 hours
Colour Temperature 3000K Warm White or 6500K Cool Daylight
Light Output 806 lumens (Warm White), 850 lumens (Cool Daylight)
Light Beam Angle 280°
Sensor Activation Daylight sensor keeps light off during daylight hours. At night, the light turns on when motion is detected. Light switches off 60 seconds after the last movement is detected.
Sensor Type Passive infrared sensor (PIR)
Sensor Detection Angle 90°
Sensor Override No
Protection For indoor use
Dimensions 120mm (height) x 62mm (width)
Weight 75 grams
Installation Self-install
Warranty 2 Years
Product Identifiers Philips LED Sensor 8-60W A60 B22 WH / CDL FR ND 1PF/6 (Product Name); 8718699773533, 8718699773618 (Barcodes); 929002400107, 929002400207 (Part Numbers).
Further Details Datasheets: Warm White, Cool Daylight (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the sensor be disabled so I can leave this light on?

No - you can't 'override' the motion sensor. However, you can use your regular light switch to switch off the sensor and light when it's not needed.

What other products and options are available?

See our full range of motion sensor lights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Francis Atkins
Just great.

Getting on a bit and these are a great safety feature about the house.

David Jewell
Great idea

Saved wiring a separate sensor etc


This globe is fantastic. I can't believe the difference it makes at night when I get home late. It turns on as soon as I park in driveway and lights up under the porch for me to get inside. Thankyou

Philips LED Bulb B22 8W With Motion Sensor

Quick delivery. Works well to light porch.

Won Hee Qin

Works well.

Irene Osmond

Philips LED Bulb B22 8W With Motion Sensor

William Flynn

Philips LED Bulb B22 8W With Motion Sensor

Della Lester

Love it! Turns my regular outdoor light into a sensor light. Exactly what I wanted.

Dale Unwin
Hallway/Pantry/Entry Sensor lights

Excellent work very well. Variations in lighting time would be great ie. a little bit longer would be ideal.

Karl Bennett

Philips LED Bulb B22 8W With Motion Sensor

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