EGLO Stradbroke White DC Ceiling Fan With Light

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Size: 48 inch (122cm)
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The EGLO ceiling fans are the best fans I have ever had. Extremely quiet and great efficiency. I would highly recommend. - Brian M. (Verified Buyer)

Four Blade Ceiling Fan With LED Light

The EGLO Stradbroke is an energy-efficient white ceiling fan with an LED light and remote control. It has a timeless design that is unobtrusive and looks great in a wide range of interiors.

  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors in covered areas.
  • Uses a DC motor and LED light for around 70% energy savings.
  • Includes a remote control with four-timers, six-speeds, and reverse mode.
  • The LED light has three colour temperature options built-in and can be dimmed via the remote to suit your needs.
  • Trusted EGLO quality with a three-year in-home warranty included in the price.

Choice recommended white ceiling fan with light

The EGLO Stradbroke white ceiling fan is recommended by CHOICE.

Available in Two Size Options

This four-blade white ceiling fan with light comes in two sizes:

  1. Small - 48 inch (122cm diameter): suits rooms up to around 16m², such as smaller bedrooms or offices.
  2. Regular - 52 inch (132cm diameter): for larger bedrooms or living areas up to about 25m².

Some notes on choosing the best ceiling fan for your room:

  • 25m² is a floor area of five by five metres (or similar).
  • You can often install the regular size fan in a small room (or vice-versa). All you need to keep in mind is a clearance of at least 30cm from the blade tip to the nearest wall or other building elements.
  • Large or irregular shaped rooms may benefit from multiple ceiling fans. Fans positioned directly overhead produce the best cooling effect.

Quality, Adjustable LED Light

The EGLO Stradbroke's LED light includes several features usually only available on more expensive ceiling fans. These include:

  • High brightness. The 20W LED light emits about 2,000 lumens of light. That's more than an old fashioned 120W incandescent globe.
  • Three-step dimming. If high brightness is not required, you can dim the light down to a lower level using the remote control. No separate dimmer switch or expensive wiring is required.
  • Selectable colour temperature. You can select your preferred colour temperature with a switch located behind the diffuser.

Tri Colour Ceiling Fan Light

Choose between warm white, neutral white, or cool white light using the colour temperature switch.

A Silent, Feature-Packed Ceiling Fan

Here are some other unique features of the EGLO Stradbroke ceiling fan:

DC Motor Technology. The fan connects to regular mains AC (alternating current) power and converts this to DC (direct current). The DC motor enables higher performance, maximum energy efficiency, and longevity. For users, it means:

  • Near silent operation at low speeds.
  • More control than a conventional fan, with six-speed options.
  • Lower energy usage and bills.

Three Year In-Home Warranty. EGLO will send a technician out to rectify any issues at no cost to you if a fault occurs within the first three years. The DC motor is warrantied for even longer, for six years.

Timer Control. The timer buttons are a great way to operate the fan without forgetting to turn it off or help get to sleep. The remote includes a one, two, four and eight-hour timer.

Night Mode. The EGLO Stradbroke has an ultra-low speed activated by pressing and holding speed "1" for three seconds. This mode uses a minuscule amount of power (less than two watts) and is ideal for quietly circulating air at night.

Reverse Mode for Winter. This ceiling fan includes a reverse or 'winter' mode. In this mode, the fan gently moves warm air from your ceiling back down to floor level.

EGLO Stradbroke Ceiling Fan With Light Features

Specifications - EGLO Stradbroke White DC Ceiling Fan With Light

Power Usage 1.8W to 23W (48" size)
1.9W to 26W (52" size)
Supply Voltage Regular mains 220-240V AC, 50Hz. The fan converts this to DC to run the motor.
Diameter 48in (122cm) or 52in (132cm)
Blade Specs 4 blades with 11° blade pitch
Fan Speeds 6 speeds
Maximum Airflow 10,510m3/hr (48"), 10,820m3/hr (52")
Light 20W LED (1,936 lumens)
Dimmable Yes - 3 step dimming via remote
Colour Temperature Selectable on the unit between warm white, neutral white, and cool white
Remote Control Functions LED light on/off and dim level, fan speed, direction (forward/reverse for summer/winter), and timer controls.
Ceiling Pitch The fan will hang straight on sloped or raked ceilings up to 11°.
Installation Details Suits any room with at least 2.4m ceiling height. The blade tip must be at least 30cm away from the nearest wall. To be installed by a qualified electrician.
Colour Matt White (blades, body, downrod & ceiling shroud)
Materials UV resistant ABS plastic and steel
Weight 6kg
Dimensions See the diagram below
Warranty 6 year product warranty, 3 year in-home warranty
Product Identifiers 20491601, 20491701 (article numbers); 9008606233700, 9008606233731 (barcodes)
Further Details 48" Datasheet (PDF), 52" Datasheet (PDF), Installation Manual (PDF)

EGO Stradbroke With Light Dimensions

Key dimensions of the EGLO Stradbroke white ceiling fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ceiling fan be mounted on a raked ceiling?

Yes, up to a 11-degree pitch. The mounting and ceiling bracket is designed to allow the fan to hang level with your floor, even if your ceiling is not flat. If your ceiling has a steeper pitch, you can still usually install this ceiling fan. It'll just need something flat, such as a cross-beam or other building element for mounting. Check with your installer and consider adding an extension rod if required (see below).

Is an extension pole available for high ceilings?

Yes - see our white ceiling fan downrod.

Is the LED light replaceable?

Yes - the LED light board sits just behind the diffuser and is user-replaceable (no electrician required). Under typical usage, the light should operate for over ten years - so you won't need a new one anytime soon! Its replacement cost is around $40.

Who is EGLO?

EGLO is a global lighting and ceiling fan manufacturer based in Austria - they have been in business for over 50 years. See our complete range of EGLO Ceiling Fans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
D Kelly
Quality Product and Service

Top Quilty product, silent as a mouse and the circulation is excellent. The light output is perfect and being remote add to the ease of use. The ordering and delivery process was great no complaints as we were informed all the way and the delivery was fast.

Dan Melbourne
Excellent fan

Great fan - very quiet. Has a good ultra-quiet night mode. The fan wobbles a bit on the maximum speed, but I think that's to be expected, as they're not rigidly mounted – it's mounted in a ball and socket arrangement to give the fan ability to move without dislodging the roof mount.

The electrician did find it a bit annoying that the remote control receiver didn’t fit into the fan housing on the roof — it had to be fitted up inside the roof. But once installed it works well.

Even though it has a light operated by remote control, you can still use the light switch on the wall to turn the light off and on (though the fan won’t operate if you have the light switch turned off.) The light is very bright which is fantastic — thoroughly illuminates the room. And there are three settings of brightness which you can achieve by double-clicking the light on-off switch.

Also very impressed with Reduction Revolution’s service — they have great product info on the website, good checkout process and most importantly, fast dispatch, so I’ll be back again when I next need to replace a fan in the house!

PS remember to order a fan extension rod if you don't want the fan right at roof level! If you have a higher ceiling this will be essential.

Hi Dan, thank you for the feedback and review. The wobble can probably be addressed per our email. We have also since been advised by EGLO that the receiver can fit inside the canopy housing but that it is a bit fiddly. Placing it in the roof space when available is also ok. Our 'EGLO Noosa' fans may have a little more room in this regard.

Qun Li

EGLO Stradbroke White DC Ceiling Fan With Light

Great value fans

Bought two of the smaller fans and one larger one to install in bedrooms and the lounge. They were easy enough to put together before the electrician came, and no problems for installation. Super quiet, great lighting, would highly recommend to anyone looking for a well priced light/fan combo.


It's absolutely silent, which is awesome to fall asleep to

Mark B.
Good Ceiling Fan & Light Combination

We recently purchased two EGLO Stradbroke Ceiling Fans with LED Lights from Reduction Revolution (RR). The delivery from RR was prompt and efficient. The fans worked well in the bedrooms they were installed in and were very quiet running and providing good lighting. The diming function for the light needs a little getting used to.

David DEAN
Great value, excellent product

Have had two of these for over a year, both performing well, silent, efficient. So we purchased four more for other bedrooms.

drew kent

EGLO Stradbroke White DC Ceiling Fan With Light

michael carroll

fan no problem to fit i like the safety cable. if you are tidy control unit fits ok . good product

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