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Kit: Single Phase
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Stand-Alone Energy Monitor With a Large Screen

The Efergy E-Max wireless energy monitor has a vivid 7.9-inch colour display screen. It's easy to install and set up, with no internet connection or wifi required.

  • View your real-time energy usage, cost, and historical data (over days, weeks, and months).
  • 'Peak tariff' and 'high usage' alerts will help you optimise your usage and reduce electricity costs.
  • Use it to monitor your entire home or a selected circuit (such as hot water or air conditioning).
  • Spreadsheet enthusiasts can download yearly, monthly, and hourly energy data to a USB flash drive.

How the Efergy E-Max Works

The Efergy E-Max home energy monitor has the following key components & includes everything you need to get started:

  1. Colour Display Screen - Sits inside your home so you can easily keep track of your energy usage.
  2. Wireless Transmitter - This goes inside your meter box and is battery-powered (3 x AA batteries included).
  3. CT Sensor Clamp(s) - These plug into the transmitter and measure power usage. They clamp around (not onto) your insulated mains electricity cable. We'll send you one clamp for single-phase or three clamps for three-phase.

Efergy E-Max Home Energy Monitor Components

The Efergy E-Max display screen (left), transmitter (right), and sensor clamp (lower right)

Efergy E-Max - Installation Guide

You can often fit the sensor clamp(s) at the front of your meter board if there's space above or below the service fuse. If not, it's a quick job for an electrician to fit them behind the board when necessary.

The image below shows a 'behind the board' single-phase installation. In this case, the clamp was installed behind the panel as there wasn't enough room above the service fuse on the front.

Single Phase Home Energy Monitor Installation

The circular image on the right shows the sensor clamp placed around the main cable behind the board. A single black 'service fuse' indicates a single-phase installation. Three-phase properties have three of these service fuses.

Got Solar Panels?

If you have solar panels installed, you can use an Efergy E-Max to track either:

  • Household power consumption, or
  • Solar power production.

To track both of the above, buy two Efergy E-Max kits. For more information, check page 7 of our user manual, which is linked in the specs table below and included with your order.

Another option for households with solar panels is the Powersensor solar energy monitor.

Specifications - Efergy EMax Home Energy Monitor

Voltage Range 110V - 300V AC per phase
Measurement Range 50mA - 120A (12W to 29kW per phase)
Wireless Range Up to 70 metres between the screen and transmitter (uses 433.54MHz)
Accuracy Typically within ±10%
Tariffs Four
Three Phase Compatible Yes
Data Download Yes. E-Max stores your most recent kWh data in Months (24), Days (31), and Hours (8,760). Three .csv files are downloadable with a USB flash drive. See a sample image.
Key Display Screen Data Energy Now - shows kW (to 3 decimal places), Cost & KgCO2 per hour or day, and time of day.
History - shows average and total daily, weekly, and monthly kWh usage (from 0.001 to 9999 kWh), cost, and KgCO2. Stores 2 years of monthly data.
Power Supply Screen - 2-pin power plug and cable included.
Transmitter - 3 x AA batteries (included).
Dimensions Screen: 127 x 167 x 25mm
Transmitter: 92 x 70 x 24mm
Clamp: 46 x 31 x 35mm (16mm internal diameter)
Cables: Clamp lead is 60cm, and the USB power cable for the screen is 150cm.
Weight Screen: 250g, Transmitter: 65g, Clamp: 84g
Product Identifiers Efergy E-Max (Model), FW AST6P01_V130 (Version)
Further Details Installation & User Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What items will I receive with my order?

Model Items Included
Single Phase 1 x Emax display screen
1 x Power supply and cable for the display
1 x EMTX wireless transmitter and 3x AA batteries
1 x 120A CT sensor clamp
Three Phase 1 x Emax display screen
1 x Power supply and cable for the display
1 x EMTX wireless transmitter and 3x AA batteries
3 x 120A CT sensor clamps

How can I tell if I have Single Phase or Three Phase?

At your electricity meter board, take a look at the 'Main Switch.' Using the image below as a guide, you can check which type you have.

Main Switch

Single-phase (single pole) main switch on the left vs. three-phase (three-pole) main switch on the right.

How often does the display screen update?

Energy usage data updates every ten seconds.

Can I see the usage from each phase (three-phase version)?

No - the transmitter sums up the total usage and reports this as one number. So whether you buy the single-phase (1 clamp) or three-phase (3 clamps) version, you will still get one (total) reading from the transmitter.

Can I add additional transmitters to the Efergy E-Max?

No - the display screen only shows data from one transmitter. You can purchase two kits to monitor a critical load - such as air conditioning or hot water - separately from your total consumption.

Is the display screen portable?

Yes - the screen can operate temporarily off three AAA batteries. This is useful if you want to move around the house and check power usage while switching appliances on and off.

How long do the batteries last?

Transmitter: Typical transmitter battery life is one to two years. You can extend the battery life by changing the transmission rate to once every 20 seconds. See page 11 of the printed user manual for details.

Screen: We recommend you operate the display via the supplied power cable and wall plug. However, it can run solely off batteries in low-power mode for around one month. With both power sources connected, it uses power from the USB cable, not the batteries.

What other options do you sell?

We sell a range of energy monitoring devices, including:

I need some extra advice and recommendations.

Please read our guide on how to monitor your electricity usage. It takes you through all of the energy monitoring devices we sell, what they are most suited for, and how they differ from each other.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Michael Liddell

Works well, a little fiddly to set up but once it is working it is rock solid. Pity they dropped the T, RH sensors on the new model but display is great.

Bradley Mckay

Very happy good quality unit

Exactly as advertised

Was pleased to see this product is exactly what I was hoping it would be. Shows your current usage and you can cycle through to see weekly and monthly totals. Very easy to use. Install info in the instructions was useless but I figured it out in the end.

Steve H.
Power Monitor

Easy to install and set up nice clear screen, great to see at a glance how much solar power is being generated.

Graham Brooker

The setup procedure isn't at all intuitive, and it would appear that the set parameters will be difficult to update.
However, once setup, the display is clear and bright providing all the information you could need at a glance.

Hi Graham, Thanks for the feedback, we will work on continuing to improve the product guidence. All settings can be changed or updated anytime after transmitter pairing when the ENERGY NOW screen is displayed. Press and hold SET for about 3 seconds to enter the settings. Then short press SET repeatedly to progress through all parameters. When you arrive on a parameter you wish to change, use the UP/DOWN buttons to adjust. You don't need to progress through every parameter after reaching the sections you wanted to change. Just wait 10 seconds and E-Max will automatically exit setup.

Worst piece of equipment

Wouldn’t connect, had less then 2m of range before it would drop out.

Hi JB, Were you able to complete the setup & see power readings on the 'Energy Now' screen when the display was close to transmitter? We can assist with troubleshooting and replace parts if something's not working correctly. In most installations, wireless range between the display and transmitter is not a limiting factor.

Alistair Macdonald

The unit works well, I had a problem setting the transmitter it did not function when connected to the left hand socket. it took some time to find that when plugged in to the centre socket the unit came alive. It will be interesting to see how the the history shows

Hi Alistair, Any of the 3 sockets should be fine to use as the system adds the inputs together (for single, 2 phase or 3 phase). One tip is that the sensor should be plugged into the transmitter before the batteries are placed inside. If you encounter any future hiccups please let us know.

Kerry Drew

Efergy E-Max Wireless Energy Monitor

Aden McConville
Aden McConville

Very easy to set up, good purchase price, fast delivery and does exactly as stated

Chris R
Good but not great

It does the job and is surprisingly accurate when compared to the electrical meter which is great. My experience with it is that it’s a bit tricky to setup and has pretty limited functions for tracking time of day usage, quarterly consumption and just finer detail thing. I think if it could like to a computer or app to track time of day usage this would be a 5 star product.

Hi Chris, You can download the energy data to a USB thumb drive and import to your favourite spreadsheet software to look at the finer details.

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