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Uncover Your Energy Guzzlers

The Reduction Revolution Power Meter measures the energy usage and running cost of any standard plug-in appliance.

Here's what it measures:

  • Watts (W) - Real-time power draw. Don't trust the label - or what someone told you - check it for yourself!
  • Kilowatt-hours (kWh) - Total energy usage over time. Cross-check your electricity bill - this is what you are billed for.
  • Cost ($) - Running cost, based on the electricity tariff you enter (optional).
  • Volts (V) - The voltage of your electricity supply.

Our power meter will help you focus your energy-saving efforts on the right appliances. It may even help you to settle some arguments about who or what uses the most electricity.

Unlike other power meters, the all-new Reduction Revolution Power Meter is compact and easy to use.

Measuring Appliance Power Usage Has Never Been This Easy

The Reduction Revolution Power Meter does not require any complex set-up.

You can take it out of the box and use it straight away.

Here's how it works:

  1. Plug it into a power outlet, and then plug any appliance (or power board) into it. It will immediately show you power usage and begin tracking cumulative energy usage. Click the MODE button to scroll through the readings.
  2. If you wish to track costs, press the MODE button for three seconds to enter your electricity tariff.
  3. It doesn't require batteries but will save your data, even when unplugged. Press the reset button ('R') with the nib of a pen or pencil if you want to zero the readings and start again.

Specifications - Plug-in Power Consumption Meter

Plug Type Standard 10A Australia / New Zealand 3-pin power plug & socket
Range 0 - 2,400W
Key Measurements Kilowatt-hours (kWh) - 0.00 to 9999 kWh
Total $ - 0.00 to $9999
Watts (W) and Voltage (V) - to one decimal place
Data Storage The power meter saves your cumulative readings, even when unplugged. It does not require any batteries.
Dimensions 108mm (height) x 57mm (width) x 48mm (depth excluding pins)
Weight 100 grams
Product Identifiers RRPM03; Reduction Revolution Plug-in Power Meter. Previous models sold include: Steplight Power Meter, RRPM01, RRPM02
Further Details User Guide or PDF
Warranty 2 Years

Power Usage Meter FAQs

How accurate are the readings?

The Reduction Revolution Power Meter has been tested against high-end power meters like the Power-Mate. The readings are of a comparably high accuracy.

What is the lowest power usage it can measure?

It can measure down to about 0.5W - a tiny amount of standby power.

How many tariffs can be entered?

You can enter one electricity tariff. We recommend entering an average tariff of $0.35/kWh if you are unsure what to enter or if your tariffs vary throughout the day, week, or year.

Does the Power Meter measure 'Real Power'?

Yes - the Reduction Revolution Power Meter measures ‘Real Power’ - which is what you are billed for. Power is measured instantaneously in Watts (W) and over time in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Other meters have failed to measure this correctly in the past, leading to incorrect readings.

What other electricity monitoring devices do you sell?

Here are some other products we sell for monitoring your power usage:

  • The Powertech Meter offers similar functionality with a more accessible display screen.
  • The Power-Mate Lite is a professional tool for more technical users. It shows more detailed parameters but is not necessary for most customers.
  • The Power-Mate 15A meter is for larger 15A power sockets. Some caravans, electric vehicles, commercial kitchens, and boat marinas use these.
  • Our hard-wired electrical sub-meters are the best solution for metering whole circuits or on-billing a sub-tenant.
  • Finally, our wireless energy monitors capture the energy usage of an entire property.

Overall, the plug-in power meter described on this page is our lowest-cost and easiest-to-use power meter. We recommend that everyone has one to de-mystify and check their energy usage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Peter Cannon
10 amp power meter

Great little device works well

Plug in power meter

Good product and easy to use

Crystal Ball
All good

Good value for money.

Ken Harris

An essential device for checking individual usage and measuring power against what the provider says. Particularly with highlighting an apparently faulty power company's solar output meter disadvantaging the customer.

Veronica Davis

Great service

Plug in power meter

I have a power meter from a different company and this one is so easy to use, (unlike the other one) that I will buy another one for my shed. It is very accurate and has a good size display. I would recommend this power meter to everyone.

Stephen Foster

Very easy to use, works well, clear display , no complex menus


Good quality stuff. Would buy again.

Neil R.
Power meter

I got a power meter. The service from Ryan was exceptional. Absolutely 100%.

Does What it claims

Worth while purchase - does what it claims - quick delivery

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