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PRO TIP: Add a Wireless Energy Monitor to track your entire property's electricity usage.

Uncover How Much Your Appliances Really Cost to Run

The Reduction Revolution Power Meter measures the energy consumption and running cost of any standard plug-in appliance. It measures:

  • Watts - Instantaneous power usage.
  • kWh - Total power usage over time (what you are billed for).
  • Cost - Based on your electricity tariff(s).
  • & More - Volts, Amps, Frequency, Power Factor, & KgCO2.

The Power Meter will help you uncover your energy-hungry appliances. Then you can get started on reducing your power bills!

Save $100's With This Power Usage Meter

Here are some energy guzzlers we identified with this power consumption meter:

  • A desktop computer was found to use 22 watts in standby (costing $50 per year, when it was not even being used).
  • Reducing a pool pump's run-time by just two hours per day saved $250 per year.
  • A sound system was using 10 watts in standby (wasting $20 per year).
  • A dishwasher's lower temperature setting used 0.4 kWh less per load saving the household $40 per year.

How to Use Our Plug-in Power Meter

This power meter measures the power consumption of any device plugged into a standard power outlet. It can also measure a group of appliances plugged into a single power board.

The Power Meter display screen has three sections as shown here:

Power Usage Meter Screen

  1. The top of the screen shows the time of day, as well as how long the meter has been running.
  2. The middle part of the screen is labelled 'COST'. It shows the total cost, kWh, KgCO2, and your tariff rates.
  3. The bottom part of the screen is labelled 'ENERGY'. It shows usage in Watts, Volts, Amps, Frequency (Hz), Power Factor, and Min & Max Wattage.

    Power Consumption Meter - Specifications

    Plug Type Standard 10A Australia / New Zealand 3-pin plug & socket
    Power Use Less than 1W
    Range 0 - 2,400W
    Accuracy ±2%
    Tariffs 2 tariffs can be set
    Key Measures Kilowatt-hours (kWh) - 0.001 to 9999 kWh.
    Cost - $00.00.
    Watts (W) and Voltage (V) - to one decimal place.
    Amps (A) - 0.001 to 10A.
    Clock Display - total run time & clock time.
    Battery Backup Yes. 2xLR44 user-replaceable coin batteries (included & pre-installed)
    Dimensions 151mm (total height) x 73mm (max width) x 48mm (max depth excluding pins)
    Weight 192 grams
    Carton Quantity 20 (this listing is for 1 unit)
    Product Identifiers RRPM02 (Model); 4897037690801 (Barcode); Reduction Revolution Plug-in Power Meter. Previous models sold include: Steplight Power Consumption Meter, RRPM01.
    Further Details Read our instructions & usage guide (online) or PDF
    Warranty 2 Years

    This is an accurate Power Consumption Meter

    Power Meter Accuracy

    The Power Meter pictured here has been spotted at major hardware stores and online. It is usually priced between $20 and $40. But, it is not reliably accurate (and the screen is hard to read). It can miss large loads (falsely reporting 0 consumption), while others are overstated.

    Alternatives for data logging or kWh sub-metering

    Here are some other products we sell for related power monitoring applications:

    Power Consumption Meter Support & FAQ

    How do I use it?

    Please see our online power meter usage guide for set-up instructions and usage suggestions.

    How accurate are the readings?

    The Power Meter has been tested against high-end power meters such as the Power-Mate. The readings of actual power consumption (Watts) from the Power Meter are comparable to those of the Power-Mate.

    What is the lowest power consumption it can measure?

    The lowest readings we have seen are for small power supplies (about 0.5 to 1 Watt). The Power Mate Lite, on the other hand, will read down to 0.01 Watts.

    How many tariffs can be entered?

    Two tariffs can be entered.

    Does the Power Meter measure Real Power?

    Yes - the Power Meter measures ‘Real Power’ – which is what you are billed for. Power is measured instantaneously in Watts (W) and over time in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Other cheap power meters do not perform measurements accurately and do not always display real power.

    The power meter will show you (among other things): Volts (V), Amps (A), and Real Power (W). This is how you calculate real power in watts (don’t worry, the meter does this for you!)

    • Volts x Amps x Power Factor (as a fraction of 1) = Watts

    For example:

    • 250 volts x 0.7 amps x 0.60 power factor = 105 Watts (Real Power)
    • 250 volts x 0.7 amps = 175 VA (Apparent Power)

    You can see from the above example why getting this calculation right is important. Other power meters sometimes fail to do this correctly.

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