Power-Mate 15 Amp Power Meter

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Accurate Power Meter from 15A Sockets 

The Power Mate 15 Amp is a precise power meter used for measuring the power consumption of larger 15 amp appliances including:

  • Commercial kitchen appliances (cookers, dishwashers, etc).
  • Caravan park and boat marina powered sites.
  • Many other devices including some water pumps, computer server equipment, and air conditioners.

15A appliances connect to a high current rated socket, identifiable by a taller, deeper earth pin. This power meter can only plug into 15A sockets, pictured below:

15A plug and socket

15A power sockets have a larger Earth pin

Measure and Uncover Opportunities to Save Energy from Larger Power Loads 

The PM15A shares the functionality of the Power-Mate Lite 10A in a 15 amp format capable of measure loads up to 3.6kW. In addition to accurate power measurement, it displays voltage, current, frequency (Hz), power factor and energy. Electricity cost, greenhouse gas readings, and extrapolated readings over hourly, quarterly or annual time periods can be displayed based on power readings at the time of measurement.


      Specifications - Power-Mate 15A

      Electricity Rate Setting Set in cents/kWh to 3 decimal places
      Greenhouse Gas Setting Set in kg/kWh to 3 decimal places
      Inbuilt run-time timer shows the total time the unit has been plugged in since last reset (up to 99 days)
      Cost $00.001 – 99.9999
      Energy 00.001 – 999.999 kWh
      Greenhouse Gas 00.001 – 999.999 kg
      Volts 170.0 – 270.0 V (RMS)
      Amps 00.001 – 15.000 A (RMS)
      Power 0.001 – 3,600.0 W
      Frequency 45.0 - 65.0 Hz
      Accuracy error for all ranges is better than 2%, (typical accuracy error is better than 1%)
      Dimensions 150mm x 80mm x 30mm (H x W x D)
      1.2 meter flex lead with 'piggyback' 15A plug
      Weight 0.4 kg
      Warranty 2 Years
      Documentation User Guide (PDF)
      Product Identifiers Model Number: PM15A: Barcode: 9318674896890

      Please Note:
       The Power-Mate 15A device is rated for 'indoor use.' It is not suitable for extended usage outdoors unless the screen is placed in an enclosure (or similar) to protect it from the elements.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Dietmar K.
      Great when using electric kettles

      Great when using electric kettles and microwaves

      Peter C.
      15 amp power meter

      This is literally the only 15 amp power meter I could find. I bought this to find out how many kwh I'm using during my welding sessions. It's easy to use, but would have been better if it was just one unit instead of having a massive lead. Not cheap but most good things rarely are. They make a 10 amp model as well. Very reliable.

      Seamus B.
      Great Product!

      Great Product!

      John S.
      Easy to use tool. Great

      Easy to use tool.
      Great service

      Dave D.

      The meter does everything it says it does and I can see it will be well used. Good purchase.

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