Where Did Reduction Revolution's Phone Number Go?

The vast majority of our customer service enquiries are now handled via email.

Please get in touch with us via this form.

We respond to most enquiries within a few business hours.

You may already have our direct contact details if you're a past customer. Search your email for 'Reduction Revolution' to find previous order details, downloadable tax invoices, shipping tracking details, and more.

Note: our automated order and shipping confirmation emails may have found their way into your spam or junk folder. Please check in there if you are missing details from a recent order.

Why we no longer publish our phone number

We previously accepted calls or voice messages via a 1800 number. Here's why we no longer do this:

1) You can contact us here at any time of the day and week.

Unlike online chat or phone, there is no need to 'wait' or 'remember' for us to be available later. Drop us a note now, and we'll reply as soon as possible.

2) Resolving your enquiry to the best of our ability is our priority.

When you contact us, our objective is to resolve your enquiry. Often the first person who picks up the phone is not the right person to resolve your query. This is why we use email instead - at the very least, it allows us some time to cross-check details before we reply. 

Have you ever phoned a bank, energy utility, or other business only to be passed around for an hour with no answer to your question? We don't do that. We respect your time.

3) Playing phone tag sucks!

All too often, we'll miss each other if we try to connect on the phone. Then you may ignore our return call because you don't recognise our number. Then you'll need to call us back. Etc.

Reduction Revolution Phone Number

A severe case of phone tag is not fun for anyone.

4) You can refer to emails again later, and they're in writing, by definition.

This is great for both you and us. 

Have you ever spoken to a salesperson only to discover later that what they said was incorrect or misleading? Or maybe you've been told by a customer service representative on the phone that they'll "get back to you later", but they never did? With email, this is much less likely.

5) We want to help as many people like you as possible.

We are a business that is all about efficiency. And - generally speaking - it is most efficient for all concerned if we deliver this assistance firstly online, secondly via email, and thirdly (when necessary) via the phone.

6) Our assistance is free of charge to you (but not free of cost to us).

It's also worth mentioning that we provide customer service and ongoing technical support free of charge. And all of our staff are employed right here in Australia. As such, we politely request that you correspond with us in a way that reduces costs for us and keeps prices low for you!

7) Accessibility, literacy, and language barriers.

We acknowledge that not publicly displaying a phone number may limit access in some cases. Overall, written communication still beats phone calls, even in these rare situations. For example:

  • Our website works with screen readers to assist the vision impaired.
  • You can also translate it into most other languages via this link.

But I just want to speak with someone!

Sure - please fill out this form as the first step.

Be sure to include your phone number and your enquiry details. If we cannot reach you on the phone, we will reply to your email address. For the reasons outlined above, we will generally only make one attempt to call you back.

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