EGLO Noosa Remote Control (No Light)

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Replacement Remote for Noosa Ceiling Fans

This is a spare part for our range of EGLO Noosa ceiling fans with no lights (EGLO part number ET3396). We also sell the remote control for Noosa fans with an LED light, and the similar looking Tourbillion remote.

This remote control 'transmitter' is available for customers requiring new or replacement remotes. Note: Each EGLO ceiling fan can be paired with one remote; multiple remotes cannot control a single ceiling fan.

How to check your existing EGLO Noosa remote

Before purchasing a new one, we recommend you conduct a few simple checks with your existing remote control:

  1. Check if the battery is in the correct position and making good contact.
  2. The LED indicator light will flash if the battery is low; replace the battery if so.
  3. If you are experiencing an issue, try re-pairing the remote control 'transmitter' and receiver as per below.

How to pair an EGLO Noosa ceiling fan remote control and receiver

If you need to replace the remote control or re-sync an existing one, follow these steps:

Single Fan Installation

  1. Switch the power supply on at the wall or isolation switch. The receiver inside the ceiling fan will beep.
  2. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the FAN OFF button for 10 seconds or until it beeps (pairing has been successful).

Multiple Fan Installation

Important: Each fan and remote must be paired with all other fans switched off at their isolation switches or disconnected from power.

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 above for the first fan.
  2. Switch off the first fan at the wall or isolation switch.
  3. Move on to the second fan and repeat the above process until all fans have been paired individually.

What should I do if the remote and receiver do not sync?

If the remote control does not pair on your first attempt, switch the fan off at its isolation switch. Leave it disconnected for at least 60 seconds before trying again.

Do these instructions apply when first installing an EGLO ceiling fan?

No, when you purchase a brand new ceiling fan from us, the remote control and fan are "pre-paired" with each other. The instructions on this page are only needed if you have purchased a new remote control or are conducting some detailed troubleshooting.

What other remote controls do you sell?

See our EGLO ceiling fan parts and accessories for several other in-stock remote controls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tom Jeffree

EGLO Noosa Remote Control (No Light)

Pieter Kanters

Works well, wish first didn’t mess up.

Ellie Shore

Ryan and his staff were extremely helpful and solved our problem efficiently and quickly. Bonus was the ceiling fan setting on Nighttime. Just a soft breeze totally quiet as long as you want. Fantastic service.

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