Zorro Unplugged Solar LED Street Light

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Quality Solar Powered Street Light With Sensor

The Zorro Unplugged Solar Street Light improves visibility and safety outdoors. All with zero energy bills and no need to run any cables. This stand-alone off-the-grid lighting solution has many benefits.

  • Fully integrated LED light, battery, and solar PV panel.
  • No cabling, trenching or electrician required.
  • Ideal for private roads, driveways, paths, walkways and carparks.
  • 3 nights runtime from a single charge. Made possible by high-efficiency LEDs, quality solar panel, and large lithium battery.
  • 5 year fitting warranty, and 3 year battery warranty.

Solar Street Light - Size, Wattage & Mounting Height

The Zorro Unplugged Solar LED Street Light is now only available in the following size:

  • 8W LED street light plus 17W solar panel. Suits pole heights up to around 5m.

The Zorro Unplugged Solar LED Streetlights in use in South Australia.

Flexible Solar Street Light Design - Install Almost Anywhere

The Zorro Unplugged has already been installed all around Australia in a wide variety of locations, including:

  • Private roadways and gates.
  • Construction sites, mining sites, and depots.
  • Council parks, pathways, and walkways.
  • Outdoor carparks and parking areas.
  • Retirement villages and caravan parks.
  • University and school campuses.

Here are some of the features which make it so versatile:

  • Strong pole mount fits over 45-60mm diameter round pole.
  • Tilt solar panel towards the sun and independently adjust the LED light source by ±40°.
  • Clever lighting controls with microwave motion sensing, daylight sensor, and time control.
  • Includes remote control to commission and adjust the settings from the ground.

Solar LED Street Light Adjustability

This LED streetlight has three main points of adjustability, as pictured above.

Specifications - Zorro Unplugged Solar Street Light

Power Consumption (light) 8 Watt
Power Generation (solar) 17 Watt
Lifetime 72,000 hour LED rating
Light Output (max)
1520 lumens
Colour Temperature Cool White 4000K
Light Control Pre-programmed wireless remote (included).
Lighting Modes Microwave motion sensor activation mode, pre-programmed time-based mode and constant output mode (at 100%, 70% or 40% brightness).
Beam Pattern IES Type III
Battery Rating 9 Ah (8W) 30 Ah (30W). Both 12.8V nominal.
Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Battery Runtime Up to 36 hours in dim mode (lowest light level)
Recharge Time 7 hours in full sun
Protection IP65 rated, IK08 impact protection
Operating Temperatures -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions 518 mm x 290 mm x 81 mm
Weight 5.3 kg
Material Die-cast aluminium body, monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycarbonate lens.
Installation Self Installation. Pole mounts with included swivel mount. Commission & setup with included wireless remote. No electrician required.
Warranty 5 year fitting, 3 years battery.
Product Identifiers SSL08-4K-TIII-GRY, SSL30-4K-TIII-GRY; 8W or 30W Solar LED Street Light, CRI >70, Type III lens, LiFePO4 battery, MW motion sensor or time control & remote control setup tool.
Further Documentation Spec Sheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating modes are available?

The Zorro Unplugged Solar Street Light has several operating modes. This maximises its utility in a wide variety of locations and applications. These include:

1. Integrated microwave motion sensing mode with either:

a) On all night at 40% brightness, scaling up to 100% for 2 minutes after the last movement is detected.

b) On all night at 20% brightness, scaling up to 80% for 30 seconds after any movement is detected.

2. Pre-programmed time and intelligent mode. These modes run the solar street light at full brightness for the first few hours after dusk. They then scale down gradually to 20%. There is a dawn option which brightens up in the pre-dawn hours.

3. Always on at a pre-programmed light level. This allows you to set a percentage light level and have the solar street light operate at this level all night. Note: we do not recommend use of this mode at 100% because it will not perform well in winter or low-sun areas.

LED Solar Street Light Operating Modes

Graphical representation of the three operating modes.

Can I buy a replacement battery?

Yes - replacement lithium batteries are available for purchase if required in several year's time. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeremy Z
Driveway light installation

Been installed for month so far, surprised with the light coverage even at not full light level, using motion operation setting. Will look to install additional unit at a later date if this proves successful.

Bob Petersen

Living in the Northern Territory for 58 of my 78 years I have never experienced a better service. Seven days from order to the light mounted and working.
Your Company will not get rich from me being a satisfied customer but should I require any item you can supply I will look no further.

Phillip PAPA
Cost saver and reliable

We purchased one over a year ago, and are so impressed that we purchased another 3, which are easy to install and are very cost effective.

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