Vico Emergency LED Batten - Dual Wattage & Sensor

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Size: 16W (665mm)
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These lights are awesome! I have them in my garage. No more fumbling in the dark or not enough light. They switch on and off as programmed. - Christopher K. (Verified Buyer)

The LED Batten That Saves You Energy & Money

The enLighten Vico linear LED batten is packed with features to save you energy and money. These include:

  • Easy to configure microwave motion sensor - reduces energy consumption by up to 90%.
  • A dual wattage switch to optimise light levels and power usage.
  • Two size options - choose between '2 Foot' and '4 Foot' sizes.
  • Quality lithium battery backup for emergency lighting applications. Also available with no battery.

    Enlighten Vico Batten Key Features & Applications

    enLighten Vico Linear LED Batten - Key Features & Applications.

    Configuring the Smart Motion Sensor Is Easy

    The included sensor allows the light fitting to dim down or switch off when no one is around. The microwave sensor sits behind the diffuser, so you can't even see it.

    Here are the three modes of operation and main settings:

    1. On - When any movement is detected, the Vico switches to 100% brightness.
    2. Standby - After a set time with no movement (5 seconds, 30 seconds, 3 minutes, or 10 minutes), it goes into a standby mode of 20% brightness.
    3. Hold or Off - The fitting can stay in this standby mode indefinitely until motion is detected again. Or, it can switch off completely after a further 0 seconds, 90 seconds, or 3 minutes.

      These settings are controlled by a series of 'dip switches' located behind the diffuser (front cover). You can select your preferred settings at the time of installation or change them again in the future if needed.

      Vico Linear LED Batten in Car Park

      The Vico LED Batten is ideal for any area with intermittent usage. They're used in car parks, emergency exit stairwells, and other areas that need dependable 24/7 lighting with a battery backup.

      NEW - 'Eco Dim' Dual Wattage Switch

      The Vico now has an 'Eco Dim' switch which reduces power and light output by 50%. Therefore, a single Vico fitting can replace either twin-tube or single-tube fluoro light fittings.

      Model Full Power Mode Half-Power Mode
      1200mm 7W (Standby) to 30W (On) 3.5W (Standby) to 15W (On)
      600mm 5W (Standby) to 16W (On) 3W (Standby) to 8W (On)

      The power consumption of this emergency model (with battery charging) is up to 2W higher than the standard model.

      Specifications - enLighten Vico With Battery Backup

      Fitting Type Complete light fitting
      Maximum Power Usage 16W ('2 Foot') or 30W ('4 Foot')
      Voltage 220 - 240V AC
      Lifetime 100,000+ hour rated LEDs
      Colour Temperature 5000K (Cool White / Daylight)
      Material Polycarbonate
      Light Output 2,215 lumens (600mm) or 4,220 lumens (1200mm)
      Sensor Type Microwave
      Sensor Override Yes, see the installation instructions below for all settings
      Ratings IP65 (waterproof) and IK10 (highest level of impact resistance)
      Dimensions 665mm (length) x 110mm (width) x 86mm (depth),
      1270mm (length) x 110mm (width) x 86mm (depth)
      Weight 1.8kg (600mm), 2.9kg (1200mm)
      Battery Replaceable 6.4V 3000 mAh Lithium battery. Allows light to run for at least 90 minutes in a blackout.
      Installation To be completed by an electrician. 3 wire terminal block inside for electrical connection. Surface mounting brackets included.
      Warranty 5 Years (fitting), 2 Years (Battery)
      Product Identifiers BL06ES, BL12ES
      Warranty 5 Years (Battery 2 Year)
      Further Details Spec Sheet (PDF), Installation Instructions (PDF)

      Vico LED Batten Dimensions

      Dimensions of the nominal 600mm (2 Foot) and 1200mm (4 Foot) Vico LED battens.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does the Vico's electricity usage compare to old fluoro tubes?

      The table below shows how the power usage of the Vico is up to around 90% lower than old fashioned fluorescent tube battens. But don't forget, savings can be even higher if you set the light to turn off completely after a certain amount of time.

      Model Old Twin Fluro's Vico LED (On) Vico LED (Standby)
      1200mm 90W 30W 7W (92% less power)
      600mm 45W 16W 5W (89% less power)

      The Emergency model can use up to 2W more in both sizes. Fluro tube usage is based on 2 x 18W T8 tube and 2 x 36W T8 tube fittings and includes losses in the ballast.

      Do you sell an LED batten without a motion sensor?

      Yes - if you do not require a motion sensor, see our complete range of LED batten lights.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      John Gerofi
      Useful but has maintenance issues

      I bought 3 of these a couple of years ago, and they performed well. One of the lights started to flicker most of the time a few months ago. I bought a replacement driver and sensor, and the light then worked for a couple of months (but flickered when lighting up). Then it failed in the same way as the first time.
      The last unit I bought is a replacement for the one that failed. Overall, it's a useful product (but maybe could be more reliable).

      A useful enhancement would be to have an ambient light level sensor.

      Hi John, sorry to hear you're having an issue with one of these. Theses lights come with a five year warranty - so any issue you encounter within that period we can help facilitate a resolution.

      Allan Bundesen
      Great Stairwell solution.

      We have over 30 fluoro emergency battens burning electricity 24 hours a day. Now the lights turn on only when the a door to the staircase is opened an go out once the stairs are used. For us, a wonderful saving each year. Work very well.

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