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Automate Your Lights With the Philips Hue Motion Sensor

This indoor motion sensor is a powerful addition to your Philips Hue system. To operate with your smart lights, this sensor requires the Philips Hue Bridge.

Install it anywhere. The passive infra-red (PIR) sensor is battery powered, meaning you can install it anywhere inside your home. Mount it on the wall, ceiling, above a door, on a bookshelf, or inside a cupboard.

Simple and elegant design. At only 6cm wide, the Philips Hue Motion Sensor is small and discrete. To mount the device in a fixed position, you can use the included screws and magnetic mount. Or, you can simply place it on a shelf or table - no permanent mounting required. 

Works for two years (batteries included). Being battery powered does not diminish the motion sensor's performance. Nor does it mean you'll constantly be replacing batteries. The included triple-A batteries should power the device for a full two years. 

Detect motion, as well as ambient light levels. The Philips Hue Motion Sensor detects movement at a distance of up to 5 metres. But it also detects ambient light levels - which means you can program lights to switch on and off at the right time.

    Philips Hue Indoor Wireless Motion Sensor

    The Philips Motion Sensor attaches magnetically to the included wall mount.

    You've Never Owned a Motion Sensor This Flexible

    The Philips Hue App gives you a degree of control that is impossible with most motion sensor lights. Settings that you can adjust in the App include:

    • Link one or more lights to each motion sensor. The lights don't even need to be in the same room or area as the sensor.
    • Adjust the behaviour of the motion sensor depending on the time of day.
    • Improve the motion sensor's performance by changing the daylight sensitivity and motion sensitivity.
    • Select the amount of time that lights should be on for after the motion sensor is triggered.
    • Set the motion sensor up to turn lights 'on' or 'off' or 'do nothing' in different circumstances.

    Philips Hue Motion Sensor App

    Set up and adjust the Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor in the Hue App.

    If that's not enough, you can take things even further using one of Philips' pre-programmed 'formulas'. Thes include options to:

    • Set up temperature alerts - yes, it even monitors temperature!
    • Set up a snooze or override feature to de-activate the sensor.
    • Get alerts on your phone based on movement (i.e. use it as a movement detector, not only to control lights).

    Don't forget, the sensor has plenty of physical adjustment possibilities too, it's not all about the App. For example, when mounted to the wall, you can adjust the sensor's tilt by 30˚ in any direction. 

    Specifications - Philips Hue Motion Sensor

    Sensor Type
    Passive infrared (PIR) for movement and daylight sensor for light levels.
    Battery Type 2 x AAA, included.
    Battery Life 2 years typical use (user replaceable).
    Detection Area 100° wide detection area
    Detection Distance Up to 5 metres
    Connection Zigbee Mesh (Requires Hue Bridge).
    Warranty 2 years
    Dimensions 62mm height x 62mm width x 28mm deep
    Weight 80 grams
    Installation Self-installation
    Product Identifiers Philips Hue Motion Sensor APR (product name); 929003067503 (Philips 12NC); 8719514342149 (barcode).
    Further Documentation Brochure and Datasheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)

    What other items do I need?

    To use this indoor motion sensor you'll need at least one Philips Hue light bulb or fitting to pair it with. You will also need a Philips Hue Bridge that effectively links the two (or more) devices together in the App.

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