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Take Full Control of Philips Hue Smart Lights

The Hue Bridge is the latest smart hub from Philips (Version 2 or V2). It's the centrepiece to build a smart lighting system which you can control from anywhere.

  • Connect up to 50 Hue lights and 10 accessories.
  • Works with Philips Hue Bulbs, LED strips, lamps, luminaires, sensors & switches.
  • Control your lights at home or away with the Bridge and your smart phone connected to the internet.
  • Add additional Bridges for Hue installations over 50 lights or multi-level buildings.

Philips Hue Bridge V2 Connection

Connect the supplied ethernet cable from your home modem or internet router to the Hue Bridge. The Bridge can be wall-mounted or simply placed on a table. 

Limitless Lighting Options with the Philips Hue Bridge

Here are some of the things you can do with the Philips Hue Hub through the Hue App:

Lighting Sleep Aid & Alarm. The lights can be set to dim down in the evening and/or gently wake you up in the morning.

Location Awareness. Your lights can automatically turn on when you arrive home, and turn off when you leave.

Sunset & Sunrise. Your lights can automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. 

Set a Timer. Want to tell the kids that dinner’s ready? Or need a reminder for yourself? The timer function activates your lights after a specified time by triggering a scene or simply flashing the lights.

Sync with Games, Films & Music - Immerse yourself in your favourite film, sync your lights to any song, or bring in-game effects into your living room.

Control all your Hue smart lights and accessories from anywhere with your smartphone.

Philips Hue Bridge with Amazon, Apple, or Google Apps & Devices

Whether you want to turn your lights on and off or change the brightness of a room, a lot can be done using your voice. Explore the possibilities of voice control with your platform of choice. Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Assistant.

Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa     Philips Hue works with Apple HomeKit Siri    Philips Hue works with Google Assistant

    Specifications - Philips Hue Bridge V2

    Power Consumption 3W (0.1W standby)
    Voltage 100-240V (50-60Hz)
    Connectivity Connects to home internet's modem or router with an included Ethernet cable.

    Note: The Hue Bridge must connect to your local network via the included ethernet cable. It will not connect to the internet wirelessly (eg WiFi).

    Hub connects to lights and accessories wirelessly via Zigbee Mesh Network.
    Compatible Hardware All Hue lighting and Hue accessories sold by Reduction Revolution.
    Supported Software Philips Hue App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch: iOS 13 and later.
    Philips Hue App for Android devices using Android 8.0 and later.
    Voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit (Via Hue Bridge), Microsoft Cortana (Via Hue Bridge).
    Included Items Bridge, ethernet cable, power adapter.
    Dimensions 91mm (length) x 91mm (width) x 26mm (height)
    Weight 208 grams
    Installation Self installation. Desk or wall mountable.
    Warranty 2 years
    Product Identifiers Philips Hue Bridge V2 (product name); 929001180638 (Philips 12NC); 8719514342569 (barcode). Previously  929001180613 (Philips 12NC); 8718696555057 (barcode).
    Further Documentation Brochure & Datasheet (PDF)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Bridge or 'Hue Hub' necessary?

    The latest Philips Hue lights sold by Reduction Revolution can be directly controlled via your smart phone using Bluetooth. Up to 10 lights can be connected and controlled to the Philips Hue Bluetooth app, no hub required. But for those wanting to expand their system further, control their lights away from home (or outside of Bluetooth range), connect accessories like Hue dimmer switched and sensors the Hue Bridge is needed. When speaking of 'smart home' and 'smart lighting' products generally, the Hue Bridge is a type of 'smart hub'.

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    Easy as

    Love the Philips Hue system, so easy to install and commissioning is a breeze via the Casambi app.

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