LED Strip Lights

Our LED strip lights from Philips and Ledvance (Osram) include everything you need to complete your strip lighting installation.

What are LED strip lights?

LED strip lights produce their light output from a flexible strip or tape of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). They are also sometimes called LED tape lights or ribbon lights.

Our LED strip lighting kits have three main components:

  1. A standard power plug and lead.
  2. An LED driver to convert mains voltage to the low voltage needed by the LED lighting strip.
  3. The strip of LED lights, including an adhesive backing for easy installation.

Why are LED strip lights so popular?

Our LED strip light kits are popular for many reasons, including:

Easy DIY Installation. Unlike many other light fittings, our strip lights come with a plug-in transformer. This means you can install them yourself into any existing power outlet in your home - no electrician required.

A Flexible & Expandable Lighting Solution. Depending on the kit purchased, you can often cut the LED strip down to your required size. Or, you can sometimes buy an extension kit to extend the length of the light strip.

Hidden Lights = Better Lighting. The fact you can 'hide' LED strips from direct view makes them a more pleasant form of lighting. In general, strip lights are often less intensive or less glary than other forms of LED lighting. You can install them closer to where the light is needed (for example, directly above a bench under cabinetry), rather than in the ceiling.

Where can I use LED strip lights?

LED strip lights can be used almost anywhere! You can use these flexible strip lights in kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, living rooms, coves & pelmets, bars & entertainment areas, and more.

You can use LED strip lights as feature lights, indirect 'wall wash' or accent lighting, or task lighting. Strip lights can create beautiful under-cabinet, below-shelf, or under-stair lighting. You can even install our Philips Hue strip lights behind TV's or computer screens to create a fully immersive lighting experience. 

Be sure to check the IP (waterproof) rating of any LED strip lights before installing them outdoors or in wet areas.

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