Philips T8 LED Tube 9W - 2 Foot (600mm, 60cm)

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Colour Temperature: Cool White 4000K
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Replace 18W 2ft Fluro Tubes With LED

The Philips CorePro LED Tube is a cost-effective replacement for existing fluorescent lighting.

  • Reduces energy consumption by over 50%.
  • Designed to operate for 30,000 hours.
  • Install it yourself - no electrician required in most cases.
  • Price includes 600mm LED tube and LED starter.

Fits all standard T8 light fittings '2 foot' (0.6m) in length. This item replaces regular 18W fluorescent tubes with a 9W LED.

Need another size? See all LED fluro tube lights.

LED Fluro Tube Lights Colour Temperature 4000K 6500K

Choose between Cool White 4000K and Daylight 6500K colour temperature.

Slash T8 Tube Energy Usage

Regular T8 fluorescent lamps consume 18 Watts of power with a further ~7 Watts lost in the ballast. As a result, total power consumption per lamp is actually around 25 Watts.

The Philips T8 LED tube, on the other hand, consumes just 9 Watts in total. That's an energy saving of 64%.

This translates into an electricity cost saving of about $18 per year, for every tube upgraded. This example assumes 12 hours per day operation and an electricity tariff of $0.25/kWh.

Installation guide - 2 Foot (600mm) LED Fluro Tube

There are two main types of fluorescent light fittings in existing buildings:

1) Magnetic ballast fittings - with starters. These are the most common fitting type. Simply replace the tube and starter (supplied) and you're done! Magnetic ballast fittings are identifiable by the fact they have starters present.

LED Tube Installation Guide

Easy installation for any fitting with a starter.

2) Electronic ballast fittings - no starters. Unlike the example shown above, these fittings do not have a starter. These units will require an electrician to 'wire out' the existing ballast. Fittings without starters that come on instantly are generally electronic ballast.

Price Includes Replacement LED Starter

Don't forget to check the packaging for the LED starter. It's easy to miss if you happen to open the package at the other end!

The LED starter is a safety fuse. It allows the LED tube to work in your existing light fittings, with no further modification.

Specifications - Philips CorePro 600mm LED Tube

Fitting Type T8 tube / G13 connector
Power Usage 9 Watts (replace 18W tube)
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K ('cool white') or 6500K ('daylight')
Colour Codes 840 or 865
Beam Angle 240°
Light Output 800 lumen
Dimmable No
Dimensions 602.5mm (total length including pins) x 28mm (wide)
Weight 140 grams
Carton Quantity 10 (this listing is for 1 tube)
Warranty 3 years
Product Identifiers Philips CorePro LEDtube 600mm 8.8W or 9.9W 840 865 C G; 929001173219, 929001173319 (order codes); 8718696681077, 8718696681091 (barcodes).
Further Details Product Presentation (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What other options and sizes are available?

We stock a wide range of LED tubes, including:

We also stock LED troffer lights for t-bar suspended ceilings and LED battens for other applications.

Which is better: 6500K or 4000K?

One colour temperature is not really "better" than the other. Generally 6500K is a "whiter" light and is perceived to be slightly brighter. If you want these LED tubes to look the same as the fluro tubes you are replacing, look for '840' or '865' on your existing tubes. '840' is 4000K and '865' is 6500K.

List of previous models sold

Over the last few years we have sold several models of 600mm LED tubes. Some of these are listed below. As long as you choose the same colour temperature, these latest Philips CorePro LED tubes will provide a good match to your existing LED tubes.

  • Philips CorePro LEDtube 600mm 9W 840 / 865 C (929000296819, 929000296919, 8718696487402, 8718696487440);
  • Verbatim LED Tube T8 600mm 900lm 9W 4000K / 6500K (65778, 65779);
  • Osram SubstiTUBE Basic ST8V-0.6M 8W 840 / 865 EM (4058075052062, 4058075052086).

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Joseph D.S.
Great product

Bright light, not too harsh, nice colour, easy to install, came quickly

Kane Lovewell
Simple, easy

Change over was breeze ( A++ )

David Lenton

Arrived a day before due, all qualities correct and all worked.

LED tube lights.

Great product. Could not find this size (60mm) anywhere else. Also comes with the starter. Excellent service.

Boon Sim

Fast delivery and easy to install.

Brad Pearson
Great Globes Hard to Find

Could get the 120 CM Tubes at Bunnings but not the 60 CM Tubes. After a long Search i Found these and they are Great.

Marcus Scholz

Philips T8 LED Tube 8W - 2 Foot (600mm, 60cm)

Andrew Lawson

Excellent, exactly as described

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