As LED lighting experts, we know that lighting design can be complex.

On this page we aim to remove some of that complexity with a series of easy-to-use lighting calculators.

This is a summary page that assumes you are already familiar with some jargon like beam angle, lumens, and lux. If in doubt, click on the links for a more in-depth guide for each lighting calculator.

Lighting Beam Angle Calculator

For this calculation, all you need to know is the beam angle and the distance from the light. This gives you an idea of the maximum area covered by a light.


Lighting Lumens to Lux Calculator

Enter the lumens of your chosen light bulb or fitting, the area of the space, and then estimate the number of fittings required. Our lighting calculator will display the average light intensity produced (lux).

To interpret these results, you need to understand what lux level would suit your property. See our lux level guide on this page.

    Downlight Calculator

    See our LED downlight calculator page for specific advice on downlights. 

    Two More Online Lighting Calculators

    If you've got your head around the above simplified lighting calculators, here are two more to play around with. The first calculator helps you understand the relationship between beam angle, lumens, distance, and lux.

    For example, if you install an LED oyster light with 1,425 lumens and a 120˚ beam angle in your laundry, then you can expect about 202 lux at workbench height 1.5m from the ceiling.

    Lumen to Lux Calculator

    This next lighting calculator lets you work backwards from a desired lighting level to the number of lights required.

    For example, for a target illuminance of 100 lux in a horse arena (20m x 40m) using a 20,000 lumen 200W LED flood light you would need to install about 4 lights.

    Lighting Calculator

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