Powersensor Extra Plug

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Expand Your System & Measure More Appliances

The Powersensor Plug is an optional add-on to existing Powersensor installations. There are two main uses for extra Plugs:

1) Separate Your Power Consumption

Add extra Plugs to accurately measure the electricity consumption of more appliances around your home. By doing this, you can 'disaggregate' your energy usage (separate it into its component parts). For example, with extra Plugs, you can find out:

  • How much does the second fridge contribute to total power usage?
  • How much electric juice is the home entertainment set-up consuming?
  • Is the washer or dryer the cause of your high electricity bills?
  • How much does a plug-in heater use over a whole month?
  • Etc

2) Extend the Wireless Range of Your System

Powersensor Plugs connect to your home internet via wifi, which tends to have quite a good coverage and range already. But the Sensors connect to the Plugs via Bluetooth. In some cases, you can use an extra Plug installed close to your electricity meter to ensure the Sensors are always within range of the system.

Specifications - Powersensor Plug

Plug Type Standard three-pin AU/NZ power plug: 240 V AC 50Hz 10A. Uses less than 1W of power to operate.
Wireless Range Sensors to Plug: up to 20m. Plug to internet router: up to 50m, extendable with Wifi repeater.
Wireless Protocol Wifi 2.4 GHz
Accuracy Within 1%
Dimensions 9.9cm (Height) x 4.3cm (Width) x 3.8cm (Depth, excluding pins)
Weight 84 grams
Product Identifiers DiUS Powersensor Wifi Plug
Further Documentation Quickstart Guide (PDF)
Warranty 2 Years

How many extra Plugs can I add to my system?

You can add up to eight extra plugs to your consumption kit or solar kit. That means a total of nine appliances can be monitored in detail from within the app.

How do I factory reset a plug?

Connect the plug to a power point. Press and hold the button on the front for about 20 seconds until the top light blinks red and blue. Then release the button. The plug is now factory reset and ready to add to the app.

Can two Powersensor Plugs fit in a twin power socket?

Yes - standard twin power sockets are spaced 45mm apart. The Powersensor Plug is 43mm wide, so two will fit side by side as shown below:

Two Powersensor plugs in a standard Clipsal Classic twin power outlet

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Excellent customer service

Good product and great service. Highly recommend

Ashleigh Coombs
Valuable information

A great product- easy installation and immediate appliance consumption information in real time.

Nigel Gadd

Very happy, connected Powersensor plugs and all working fine.

Plug connection

When I move a plug he whole system needs restarting - very disappointed.

Hi Gary, A system reset or restart should not be necessary. Once the Powersensor kit has calibrated and been in operation for 1+ weeks, plugs can be moved temporarily to monitor different appliances. See more details about this, including specifics on keeping one plug on a preferred load and within Bluetooth range of your sensors, here: https://help.powersensor.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/4411092500751-Can-I-move-my-plug-to-monitor-another-appliance-

If you need further assistance, let us know.

Peter Savage
Great devices!

Started with the solar sensor kit and have since added 3 more plug sensors! Really helps manage the power use in the house.

Greg W.
Did the job

Adding this plug and deleting the original solved my problem with the readings being twice what they should have been. Seems the luck of the draw if they are accurately measuring the current.

Hi Greg, Your original plug may still be useful if you try a factory reset. Then it can be added as a secondary plug to monitor other appliances. Please let us know if you still have a problem after factory resetting the plug with the issue.

Nick B
PowerSensor - Now I can see what power is being used

Using an extra Powersensor Plug was essential to link the "Powersensor" inside my metal Powerbox to a suitable "load" device in my house (my fridge), over 10m away from the Powerbox.
The ability to control the LED indicator on the Powersensor plug, was an enormously welcome, yet surprising, feature !
I've got Solar and for the first time I'm now able to see what my house is using and what the solar is generating. The data is very clearly represented and I've also got the opportunity to add more PowerPlugs to monitor other appliances.

Graham Hughes

Work well but the first one stopped working for no apparent reason

Hi Graham, Glad the replacement is working - please check your email regarding the original plug.

Tim Leahy
Power sensor plug

Can now monitor total net consumption, solar production, electric car charger, washing machine and freezers. Had to extend range of wifi - not a problem. Be great to do hot water cylinders but they are hard wired in. A test revealed almost exact consistency with electricity meter.

Richard Anggono

Powersensor Extra Plug

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