HeaterMate Plug-in Thermostat with Timer

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NEW Model! The HeaterMate now includes a timer function and a larger screen.

Accurately Control Room Temperature & Save Energy

Most electric heaters cannot correctly sense and control the actual room temperature. Instead, they heat you based on some arbitrary scale. And they can only sense the temperature right next to the heater, not that of the room.

Unlike other heater or air-conditioner thermostats, the HeaterMate measures the actual room temperature. It then controls the temperature by turning the appliance ON and OFF at the powerpoint.

The HeaterMate allows you to:

  • Save energy and reduce your power bills by not overheating.
  • Safety control the temperature in your kids or baby's bedrooms.
  • Set and forget - no need to constantly adjust the thermostat!

Here's how the HeaterMate works:

Did You Know? Every 1˚C of unnecessary heating adds around 10% to your heating bills. The reverse is true for cooling. In our experience, electric heating is a primary driver of high electricity bills.

HeaterMate Features:

  • Displays current room temperature and set temperature on a large screen.
  • Easy temperature setting by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons.
  • Timer function to operate the HeaterMate for a set period of time (eg. for a few hours at bedtime).
  • Weekly programming to schedule HeaterMate use throughout the week.
  • Back-up battery allows it to be set-up when not plugged in. The device also stores the set-point temperature when unplugged.
  • Can be used to control heaters in winter and an air-conditioner or fans in summer.
  • Several additional modes to program on/off behaviour based on changes in room temperature (see User Guide).
  • Colour LED status indicator: Red = Controlled Unit is OFF. Green = Controlled Unit is ON.

Specifications - HeaterMate with Timer

Power Consumption Less than 1 Watt
Voltage 220-250 VAC
Power Handling 2500 Watts
Power Plug Australian / New Zealand plug (standard 10A)
Temperature Control - Set at 5-35°C (default), programmable from 1° to 70°C.
- Measurement Accuracy: ±1°C.
- Temperature deviation to activate: 2°C (default), programmable from 1-9°C.
Operating Modes Automatic, Manual, Heating, Cooling, Weekly Program, Ventilation, Anti-Freezing. (see User Guide)
Dimensions 140 mm x 80 mm x 90 mm (including plug)
Weight 270 grams
Material Plastic
Installation Self-Install (plugs into standard 10A power point)
Warranty 2 years
Product Identifiers Manufacturers Description: HeaterMate with Timer; Order Code: HY02TP; Barcode: 9396243848761. Old Model Heater Mate: MH810TN, Barcode: 9396243899138
Further Documentation User Guide & Specifications (PDF)
Heatermate Manual Supplement (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

My heater draws up to 2,500W - can I use the Heater Mate?

Yes - this newest model of Heater Mate is suitable for use with any electric heater sold in AU and NZ with a 10A plug.

Can I also use it for cooling?

Yes - you can also use the HeaterMate for cooling or ventilation. For example, activate an efficient fan or extractor fan above a certain temperature.

What other heating solutions do you offer?

You might be interested to view our energy-efficient foot warmer mat heater, thermal cooker (energy-efficient slow cooker), heated throws and electric blankets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Newell Barrett
HeaterMate works well.

At this stage, functioning well.

Eric Sevior

HeaterMate Plug-in Thermostat with Timer

Jiamei Li

Good quality, user friendly online service, on time delivery

John T
I've bought two

I first bought a HeaterMate more than a decade ago. But that one lacked a timer, and tended to default to cooling mode when turned on after a power failure (not good if attached to a heater and room temperature higher than setting).
Subsequently, I bought the model combining thermostat and timer. It works just fine, so I've bought another: I have one running a heater in the bedroom through the night at 21, the other keeping the living room at 24 during the day.
I give them 4 stars rather than 5 because I found them tricky to set. But perhaps that's just my brain.

Ross L.
Ot works

Ot works

john giles
Good. Seller actions concerns about postage.

It works well enough. I am wondering about the life of the built in battery. Unless it recharges itself whilst plugged into the mains, it might have been better if it was a replaceable button cell battery.

Ravi S.
Plug with Thermostat

It works perfectly

Kaye B.
Orchid delight

This timer keeps my orchids happy, used to control the hothouse heater to control the temperate of their growing environment. Using the low and high temperature settings to start and stop the heater saves our precious off grid batteries. Very happy . Thanks

Mr Bruce Pain


Jim Lansdown
This unit has been placed

This unit has been placed on an airconditioner and is operating as described.

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