Billyboil Thermal Cooker 4.5L

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Save Time & Energy While You Cook

The Billyboil uses no energy after an initial heat-up on your existing stovetop. It cooks delicious meals for up to twelve hours using retained heat.

It's an ideal solution for everyday cooking or when you're travelling. Here's why:

  • It saves time because you can leave your meal to cook unattended while you do something else.
  • It saves money using up to 80% less energy than conventional cooking methods.
  • It's vacuum insulated, which means it can keep food cooking between 60˚C and 100˚C for up to 12 hours.
  • It's safe and easy to use, with a carry handle and lockable lid for travel.

Billyboil Thermal Cooker Components

Components of the Billyboil insulated thermal cooker.

How Does the Billyboil Work?

The Billyboil has two main parts: a stainless steel 'inner pot' and a vacuum-insulated 'outer pot'. Here's how easy it is to use:

  1. Use the inner pot like usual: bring your food to a boil, or cook as your recipe requires.
  2. Once the food is heated, switch off your stove, place the inner pot inside the outer pot, and close the lid. The Billyboil will continue to cook the food using retained thermal energy in the already heated-up food.
  3. Remove the inner pot when the cooking time has elapsed or when you're ready to eat (up to 12 hours later).

Billyboil Thermal Cooking Process

The Billyboil is easy to use on any existing stovetop.

Specifications - Billyboil Thermal Cooker 4.5L

Power Usage Nil
Components Double-wall vacuum insulated 'outer pot' with carry handle; stainless steel 'inner pot' with handle and removable silicone handle cover; printed instructions
Capacity 4.5 litres (inner pot) - see our smaller Billyboil
Compatibility Works with all stoves (electric, ceramic, induction, gas, camp, etc)
Dimensions Outer pot: 25cm high by 25cm wide
Inner pot: 17.5cm high by 20cm wide
Weight 3.1kg
Materials Food-grade stainless steel type 304 inner and outer pot. Outer pot has a plastic (polypropylene) handle and framing. Inner pot base has an aluminium core for induction cooktop compatibility with stainless steel top and bottom layers.
Product Identifiers Billy Boil 4.5L Thermal Cooker, 9398348333487 (Barcode)
Further Details Instructions (PDF)
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people is it suited for?

This thermal cooker has an internal capacity of about 4.5 litres. It suits cooking for four or more people. You can also use it for cooking in larger batches (for a smaller number of people) to make extra meals for later.

If you prefer something a bit smaller, see our compact 3L thermal cooker.

Some of our customers buy one of each size for large groups or for cooking two types of food (for example, rice in one and a curry in the other).

What recipes do you suggest?

Any recipe designed for extended simmering, slow cooking, or one-pot cooking is ideal for the Billyboil.

In other words, you probably already have a stack of suitable recipes. We have more guidance in the instruction manual (in the specs table above) and this thermal cooker recipe guide.

Is it compatible with electric induction stovetops?

Yes. It has a thick base which is appropriate for induction stovetops. It even works on camp stoves, butane stoves, alcohol stoves, etc. It is, of course, also suitable for regular electric, ceramic, natural gas, and LPG stoves.

How should I clean the Billyboil?

You can clean the Billyboil's inner pot like other stainless steel cookware. Use warm, soapy water - or put it in the dishwasher. For any stubborn marks, use a stainless steel cleaning paste, like 'Gumption,' with a non-scratch scourer.

A quick wipe-down with a damp cloth is usually sufficient for the outer pot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
my phuong au

It’s definitely perfect for saving time when cooking from now on. Highly recommended 👍

Works well

Good quality product. It was great to arrive at our accommodation after driving 9 hours and have a delicious pot of hot stew ready to eat. We also cooked a small corned meat. It was very tender.

Billy boil for us and for cooking doggy food

Have had the BillyBoil a few weeks and have had beef strog, curry and have made 3 batches of chicken/rice/veg dogfood. Perfect!

Bringing lots of joy to our kitchen

I'm happy to review this product! We can now use less energy and save money on gas. Also we can cook on the fire (rocket stove and indoor wood stove) with much more ease because we can cook for a short time while the fire is hot and then pack the Billy boil away and let it finish cooking by itself, long after the fire has cooled down. + the meal is hot and ready to serve when we are ready to eat. If we aren't cooking anything we can just heat water on the fire and put it away to use the next day for dish-washing or cooking! (it was about 70 degrees C after 10-11 hours) It is well built with little design details that make it easy to use like the handle that stays up away from the heat while cooking and then folds away snugly later. Also the pots are narrow and tall making it easy to fit two at the same time on our small wood stove. Risotto worked well and I only had to bring it to boil, and then pack away, veggies still have their texture and have flavor all the way through. Stewed fruit was delicious, each piece of fruit still has it's shape unlike when boiled on the stove and spices and flavor all the way through the fruit. Yum. We'll be using this for years to come. Thanks

Karen King
billy boil

Supper used for corn meat and was just right no mess and tasted the best


Works well

Love my Billyboil!

Stews, curries and soups amazing. Looking forward to trying a roast. Already inspired a friend to order one. Bought it for camping but use it at home all the time.

T. Jackson

So far cooked chicken stew and separately rice. Simply perfect and performs exactly as advertised.


Simply amazing this 4.5L billy boil in fact I bought the smaller one and 2 spare pots for each size as well a week later, I was that impressed with first use, I made a chicken curry but it turned into chicken soup it was delish & piping hot after 7hrs. So still learning that you don’t use as much liquids, I don’t use recipes but this has sort of forced me too but that’s okay, having trust & ignore the urge to check on it, has given me a free day without worrying about the slow cooker when I’m out as there is no power connected to worry about, anyway still trialling, keep forgetting to take pics but right now have lamb shanks in for dinner, so hopefully I remember to take a pic, definitely recommend Billy Boil to save time, energy use and it’s a well made product, very good quality, ordering was quick & delivery too, full marks from me.

Owen Copeland

Billyboil Thermal Cooker 4.5L

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