Ledvance Tri Colour LED Panel 36W (1200 x 300mm)


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One LED Panel Light - Three Colour Options

The Ledvance LED panel light is a bright and dependable light fitting. You can even select your preferred colour temperature at the time of install with the inbuilt tri-colour switch.

The Ledvance LED Panel light has the following key features:

  • It comes pre-wired with a 1.5 metre plug and lead for an easy installation.
  • Suits standard 120cm x 30cm office ceiling grid size.
  • Slimline and lightweight design.
  • Long 50,000 hour lifetime.
  • It can also be suspended from the ceiling.

Colour Temperature 3CCT Switch

The tri colour switch allows you to choose between Warm White (3000K), Cool White (4000K), and Daylight (6500K).

    1200 x 300 LED Panel With 5 Year Warranty

    The Ledvance Tri Colour LED panel is an excellent choice for a variety of lighting applications. Here's why:

    Easy to Install. The LED panel light is suitable for existing or new office ceiling grids. The fittings are easy to handle, weighing only 1.8kg, and their slim size (3.4cm thick) makes them a breeze to install.

    60% Energy Savings. Compared to an old twin-tube T8 troffer light fitting, this LED panel light uses 60% less power. That's a massive saving not only for lighting, but also for air conditioning as there is less heat inside your building. Compared to more modern twin T5 troffers, the energy savings are still a considerable 36% (with even better light output).

    Quality Components. This Ledvance LED panel light has a sturdy SPCC steel frame and a long-lasting PMMA (acrylic) diffuser. The electronic control gear also ensures flicker-free office lighting.

    5 Year Warranty. Apart from the energy savings, these LED panels should also substantially reduce your maintenance costs. The 50,000 hour lifetime equates to about 15 years of operation in a typical office building. The light fitting also carries an Australian 5 Year Warranty.

    Tri Colour LED Panel Lights 1200mm x 300mm

    Commercial lighting installation using 1.2m x 0.3m LED panels.

    Specifications - Ledvance Tri Colour LED Panel Light 1200 x 300

    Power Consumption 36W
    Voltage 220 - 240 V
    Colour Temperature Warm White 3000K, Cool White 4000K & Daylight 6500K - user selectable on the light fitting
    Lifetime 50,000 hours
    Light Output 3,900 lumens
    Beam Angle 120˚
    Dimmable No
    Dimensions 1195mm x 295mm x 34mm - suitable for standard office lighting ceiling grids
    Weight 1.8kg
    Carton Quantity 5 (this listing is for 1 unit)
    Installation Comes pre-wired with a 1.5 metre plug and lead for quick recessed (t-bar) installation.
    IP Rating IP20
    Material SPCC steel housing, PMMA (acrylic) diffuser, both in white
    Product Identifiers OSRAM LEDVANCE LED VALUE TRI-COLOUR PANEL 36W 3000K 4000K 6500K (manufacturer description); 4058075490758, 4058075277090, 4058075277106 (barcodes)
    Further Documentation Spec Sheet (PDF)
    Warranty 5 Years

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are 'LED panel lights' and 'LED troffer lights' the same thing?

    Yes - LED panel lights are often referred to as 'LED troffers'. A troffer light is another name for any light fittings which fit into suspended 'T bar' ceiling lighting grids.

    The T bar ceiling tile system makes lighting installation quick and easy. All you need to do is buy the right size! See our full range of LED panel lights.

    Does it come with replaceable LED tubes?

    No - the LEDs are built into the light fitting. Old troffer lights have tubes, ballasts, starters, and connectors - all of which can fail. On the other hand, these LED panel lights are a single unit for simplicity and ease of installation.

    They will last for a very long time - over ten years under regular office hours. If a light does fail, the whole fitting needs to be replaced. They come pre-wired with a power plug, so an electrician is not required.

    Is this a 'T8' or 'T5' light fitting?

    The terms T8 and T5 refer to old-style fluorescent tubes. As this LED panel light does not contain tubes, these terms do not apply. What is important is the size of the panel, which is 1200mm x 300mm (or approximately 4 foot by 1 foot).

    How many LED panels should be used in an existing office fit-out?

    For existing office fit-outs a one-for-one replacement is generally suitable. Simply replace your existing fluorescent troffers with these LED panel lights.

    How many LED panels should be used in a new office fit-out?

    Generally speaking, we can say:

    • For low usage storage areas and corridors, about 8 LED Troffers per 100m2 is adequate.
    • For work areas, a density of 12 or more LED Troffers per 100m2 will achieve an average of 400+ lux. This exceeds Australian Standards guidance for office lighting.

    Please use our lighting calculators to make your own calculations.

    What other options are available?

    Instead of upgrading the panel, you can keep your existing light fittings and upgrade to LED tubes.

    Who is Ledvance? Will this match my other Osram LED Panels?

    Ledvance is the new name for Osram, a German lighting brand. All light fittings from the company are now branded as 'LEDVANCE' whereas their light globes are still branded as 'OSRAM'.

    If you purchased one of our previous Osram or Ledvance LED Panels this item will match them very closely. This latest 'G2' Tri Colour 36W LED panel light is about 20% brighter than the previous 32W model. It still comes in the same colour temperatures as before, so you can use this new product alongside the earlier version.

    Ledvance Tri Colour LED Panel 36W (1200 x 300mm) has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 34 reviews.

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