Philips Tri Colour LED Batten

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Size: 20W (600mm)
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A Flexible Batten Light Fitting

The Philips SmartBright LED Batten is a flexible yet straightforward light fitting. You can select your preferred brightness level and colour temperature during installation.

  • Two Size Options - choose between '2 Foot' (600mm) or '4 Foot' (1200mm).
  • Tri Colour Switch - user-selectable colour temperature.
  • Dual Wattage Switch - switch between two power levels on the fitting.
  • Five-Year Warranty - from a brand that you can trust.
  • 50,000 Hour Lifetime - that's over ten years if running 12 hours every day.
  • Indoor Rated - IP20 rating suits most indoor LED batten lighting applications. See our weatherproof LED batten for outdoor installations.

LED Batten Light Fitting Features

Dual Power Switch - Adjustable Light Output

This Philips LED batten includes a 'Dual Power Switch'. At the lower power level, these fittings mimic the light output of a single-tube fluorescent batten. When set to the higher power level, they are as bright as an old-fashioned twin-tube fluro batten.

  • On the 1200mm LED batten light, you can switch between 17W and 35W.
  • On the 600mm LED batten light, you can choose from 12W and 20W.

This flexibility in power usage allows you to tune light levels and maximise your energy savings. For example, you can select the low-power mode in corridors and other low-usage areas. Then, above work areas, you can choose the brighter option for task lighting.

Tri-Colour Switch - Selectable Colour Temperature

One challenge in buying lighting online is choosing the right colour temperature. The Philips LED batten takes this worry away as it includes three options with each fitting. The included tri-colour switch lets you select the best lighting colour for your property. It also means you can better match the colour temperature of these new LED battens with any existing light fittings.

Philips LED Batten Tri Colour Switch Options

This Philips LED batten light includes three colour temperature options built-in.

Specifications - Philips LED Batten Light Fitting

Power Usage Selectable on unit: '2 foot' - 12W or 20W
'4 foot' - 17W or 35W
Colour Temperature Selectable on unit: 4000K (Neutral White), 5000K (Cool White), or 6500K (Daylight)
Fitting Type Surface-mounted ceiling batten light fitting
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Beam Angle 130˚
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Light Output 600mm - 1380lm (12W) or 2000lm (20W)
1200mm - 2000lm (20W) or 4100lm (35W)
Dimmable No
Dimensions '2ft' - 600mm x 65mm x 65mm (L x W x H)
'4ft' - 1200mm x 64.5mm x 68mm (L x W x H)
Weight 0.85kg (600mm), 1.07kg (1200mm)
Material White metal housing, polycarbonate (PC) diffuser
Installation Installation by an electrician. Internal 3-wire terminal block near the middle of the fitting. Mounting screws included.
IP Rating IP20 (indoor use)
Carton Quantity 8 (this listing of for 1 unit)
Product Identifiers Philips BN131C LED SWT/SCCT L600/L1200 PSU Slim (previously BN125C); 911401822080, 911401801484 (part numbers); 8710163344362, 8719514549166 (barcodes)
Further Details Brochure (PDF), 1200mm Datasheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)
Warranty 5 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What energy savings are possible with this LED batten light?

An old single '36W' 1200mm fluro batten light consumes about 45W of power once you account for the ballast inside the fitting. The equivalent Philips LED batten light uses just 17W - an energy reduction of about 60%. The percentage savings are similar when the batten light is set to full power (35W) compared to an old twin-tube fitting.

How do these tri-colour battens compare to your other LED battens?

This indoor batten offers installation flexibility with selectable wattage and colour temperature. And a recent upgrade to the LED driver has improved its robustness. Here's how they compare to some other items in our range:

What other options are available?

See our complete range of LED batten lights for more options. All our LED battens come as an integrated product, combining the light fitting and the light source into one unit. There are no separate tubes to fit now or replace in the future.

If you’d prefer to keep your existing light fittings and replace your fluro tubes, see our range of LED tubes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Kenneth Nicholson
New lighting

Replaced old fluro, works instantly with great brightness.
Install I'd a bit tricky with the light hanging from the body, but doable.
Overall, excellent.

Fred Turk
Great Product

A excellent replacement for Fluor battens. The short tri colour batten was very bright, however, the lower power option gave just the right light for my bf application. Installation required removing the electronic transformer. The unit is well constructed and has minimalist good looks.

David Collis

Philips Tri Colour LED Batten

Colin Walker

Philips Tri Colour LED Batten

Jay Richardson

Philips Tri Colour LED Batten

Markus Martius
Philips Tri Colour LED Batten

Great brightness and great customer service.

Ian Sansom
Simple, highly efficient upgrade

This is a replacement for an ancient fluorescent light. The difference in efficent light output and choice of colour temperature is amazing, using minimal power compared to old fluorescent lights. Great website, very good prices; highly recommended.

Sharon at Holland Park
Brilliant Lights

My previous lights were way overdue for an upgrade. Perfect lighting now to enjoy our back deck at night

Chris Barry
Good light

Good light but pricing could be better

Robert Luker

Great company replaced faulty product without issue. Even after
2 years..Cheers

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